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How to distinguish to the quality of the neon light & led strip?

Views: 347     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2017-05-16      Origin: LEDODM

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Recently, some customers come back to me with the their sad story. I sympathize with their experience deeply. these years, the lighting market is too confusing. Customers are always looking for low price, many suppliers in order to make higher profits, they can only reduce the price of its item to configure poor quality materials. Customers was happily think they are buying cheap and good quality. In fact, they dont work after half a year, or three month.

Following are some tips that we would like to guide you how to distinguish the difference between good quality and bad quality for the lighting.

1) LED CHIP---- Recommended to choose branded chip with good quality ensure. SANAN, EPISTAR, SUMSUNG etc have a good repulation in this field.

2) PCB Material ---- Normaly they show you its 2/3 ounce thickness PCB. but, do you know the specific grade of the copper? Different copper content, the heat dissaption and performance is also different.  Recommended take above 3535 copper

Personal Opinion:

  • The main reason why waterproof grade lighting is easily damaged. It may be that the copper content is too small, causing poor heat dissipation, then burned out.

  • Don't increase the power without heat dissapation & lifespan considering. Otherwise half of the lighting will burn out in few monthes,or it may half lumen at original brightness after 1 year.  Recommended choose a professional & reliable supplier to give you a suitable suggestions based on your requirments 

3) Waterproof materials ---- If you need high flexibility, Recommened pure silicone material. If you need slightly hard material. PU material is recommended.  ( Noted: PVC material goes yellow and crack easiry. Also we need to pay attention to this. Some supplier save the cost to add PVC material into Silicone. you can check with them. Must be 100% pure silicone )


4) Perfermance ---- The three main point of light quality are color consistency, color rendering and lumen maintenance. you can ask the supplier to show you the test report. then you will know more.

What does CRI mean?

What is the LED SDCM/Color consistency?

5) Brightness ---- Early we can use the wattage to judge the brightness. higher wattage means high brightness. These years, with the development of LED field. If the same brightness, the incandescent lamps may consume 85W of the power. The led only consume 12W. So, nowadays, we can’t judge the brightness by the wattage. When we need the high brightness items, we need to check the luminous efficiency of the items, high light efficiency means the higher brightness.

6) Unit Price--- If someone offer you above parameter at a lower price than this field. you should pay attention also. 

Apart from these, we also need to examine the reliability of the supplier's supply chaine. Such as quality control, delivery time control and after-sale service etc to make sure everthing goes smoothly.

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