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Addressable Cob Led Strip Guide

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Are you looking for a addressable cob led strip for ambient lighting? If yes, the addressable cob led strip is an ideal choice. Depending on your needs, this addressable cob led strip works great for both ambient and accent lighting.

Whether in hotel decoration, home decoration or exhibition hall decoration, it is crucial to find a lighting product with unique magic that can add brilliant light and shadow to the space. Let me introduce to you a breathtaking decorative lamp - the Addressable COB Strip Light. It is a splendid treasure in the decoration world, injecting endless artistic charm into the decoration of hotels, homes and exhibition halls.

Let's get started!

What is Addressable COB LED Strip Light?


An addressable COB LED strip light is a type of LED lighting product that combines the advantages of COB (Chip-on-Board) technology with addressable LED strips. 

COB LED Technology

COB technology refers to the method of mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a circuit board. Unlike traditional SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs, where individual LED chips are mounted separately, COB LEDs allow for a higher concentration of LEDs in a smaller space. This provides several benefits including higher brightness, improved color mixing, and enhanced energy efficiency.

LED Strip Light

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board with multiple LEDs mounted on it. It is commonly used for both decorative and functional lighting applications. LED strip lights offer various advantages, such as easy installation, flexibility, and low power consumption. They are widely used in homes, commercial spaces, and even for special events and entertainment purposes.

Addressable LED Strip

An addressable LED strip contains individual LEDs that can be individually controlled. Each LED on the strip has its own unique address, allowing for precise control of color, brightness, and animation effects. This is achieved through the integration of a microcontroller or controller chip, such as the popular WS2812B or SK6812, which communicates with each individual LED via a communication protocol like the neopixel or WS2812 protocol.

Now that we understand the basic components, let's dive deeper into the features and benefits of addressable COB LED strip lights:

Individual Pixel Control

The main advantage of addressable COB LED strip lights is the ability to control each LED individually. This means you can create dynamic lighting effects, such as chasing patterns, color-changing sequences, and even animations. The precise control over every LED offers limitless possibilities for customized lighting designs.

High Brightness and Color Accuracy

COB LED technology provides higher brightness and improved color accuracy compared to traditional LED strip lights. With addressable COB LED strips, each LED has an intense and consistent output, resulting in vibrant and uniform lighting. This makes them ideal for applications where bright and accurate lighting is required, such as signage, architectural lighting, or stage performances.

Energy Efficiency

Despite the high brightness output, addressable COB LED strip lights are energy-efficient due to their COB LED chip design. COB LEDs have a higher lumen-per-watt ratio, which means they produce more light using less power. This makes them a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting choice.

Flexibility and Easy Installation

Like traditional LED strip lights, addressable COB LED strip lights are flexible and easy to install. They can be bent, shaped, or cut to fit various applications, making them suitable for both linear and curved surfaces. Additionally, most addressable LED strips come with adhesive backing, allowing for hassle-free mounting.

Compatibility and Control Options

Addressable COB LED strip lights are compatible with various lighting control systems and protocols. They can be easily integrated with popular controllers, such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or DMX systems, allowing for seamless integration into smart home automation or professional lighting setups. Additionally, there are a wide variety of software applications and libraries available for programming and controlling addressable LED strips.

Applications of addressable COB LED strip lights:

Architectural Lighting

The ability to create dynamic lighting effects, combined with the high brightness and color accuracy, makes addressable COB LED strip lights a popular choice for architectural lighting. They can be used to highlight and enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings, bridges, or monuments.

Entertainment and Stage Lighting

Addressable COB LED strip lights are widely used in stage performances, concerts, and entertainment events. They can create stunning visual effects, synchronize with music, or be programmed to match specific scenes.

Signage and Advertising

With individual pixel control, addressable COB LED strip lights are perfect for signage and advertising displays. They can display scrolling text, animated graphics, or colorful patterns to attract attention and engage viewers.

Home and Interior Lighting

Whether it's creating mood lighting in the living room or adding accent lighting to cabinets, addressable COB LED strip lights offer versatility and ambiance to any interior space. They can be controlled via smartphone apps or integrated with existing smart home systems for convenient operation.


An addressable COB LED strip light combines COB LED technology with addressable LED strip capabilities, allowing for individual control of each LED.

What does CRI ra95 mean?

CRI RA95 is a common term in the lighting field, used to describe the ability of lighting products to restore the color of objects. In this detailed guide, we’ll take a closer look at what RA95 means, how it’s calculated, and why it’s important in lighting applications.


The definition and significance of CRI RA95:

Rendering Index (RA) is one of the indicators used to measure the ability of lighting equipment to restore the color of objects. The RA index ranges from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating the lighting device’s ability to restore color is stronger. RA95 means that lighting products have excellent color reproduction capabilities and can present highly realistic and accurate object colors.

Calculation method of CRI RA95:

The CRI RA is determined by comparison with the spectral distribution of a reference light source. The process of calculating RA involves comparing the spectral data of a lighting device with that of a standard light source, and then deriving an RA value based on the comparison results. RA95 represents a RAPID value of 95 in calculations.

The importance of RA95 in lighting applications:

3.1 Highly accurate color reproduction: A high value of CRI RA95 indicates that the lighting product has excellent color reproduction capabilities and can present true and accurate colors of objects. This is very important for applications that require accurate color reproduction, such as art galleries, exhibition venues, commercial lighting, etc.

3.2 Improve visual quality: RA95 lighting products can produce more natural and realistic light, making the details and textures of objects more clearly visible. This is particularly important in areas such as art display, interior design and stage lighting, which can enhance the audience's visual experience and feelings.

3.3 Professional fields requiring high color reproduction: In some professional fields, such as photography, film production and medical lighting, accurate color reproduction is crucial. CRI RA95 lighting products can provide more realistic and accurate color presentation to meet professional needs.

4. Selection and precautions for CRI RA95:

4.1 Product selection: When you need excellent color reproduction capabilities, it is a wise choice to choose lighting products with a high CRI RA95. Make sure the product's CRI RA95 meets your specific needs.

4.2 Application scenarios: CRI RA95 lighting products are suitable for occasions requiring high-quality color reproduction, such as art galleries, museums, photo studios, hospital operating rooms, etc. Choose the right product based on your application needs.

4.3 Supporting lighting: lighting products with CRI RA95 usually need to be used in conjunction with other lighting equipment to ensure the consistency and coordination of the overall lighting effect. Taking into account the overall lighting scheme, ensure that the CRI RA95 of all lighting elements can match.

Are cob light strips waterproof? Detailed explanation of the waterproof performance of COB light strips

COB light strips are an efficient, bright and uniform lighting solution, but when used outdoors and in humid environments, waterproof performance becomes an important consideration. The following will discuss the waterproof performance of COB light strips in detail from multiple dimensions to help you choose a suitable waterproof COB light strip to ensure the reliability and safety of your lighting solution.


Waterproof materials and packaging technology

The waterproof performance of COB light strips is closely related to the materials and packaging technology used. High-quality waterproof materials such as waterproof glue, silicone or epoxy resin can effectively isolate the lamp beads and circuit boards to prevent moisture intrusion. Packaging technologies such as precision packaging and glue sealing technology also play a role in improving waterproof performance.

IP rating and waterproof rating: IP rating is one of the standards for measuring the waterproof performance of lamps. Common IP grades include IP65, IP67 and IP68, where the number 6 represents the dustproof grade, and the numbers 5, 7 and 8 represent the waterproof grade respectively. IP65 means dustproof and can prevent water jets from entering; IP67 means dustproof and can be immersed in water for a short time; IP68 means dustproof and can be immersed in water for a long time.

Waterproof standards and certifications

When choosing COB light strips, you can pay attention to whether they comply with relevant waterproof standards and certifications. For example, some COB light strips may comply with international waterproof standards such as CE, ROHS, and UL, which indicates that the product has been tested and certified to have reliable waterproof performance.

Waterproof design and installation

In addition to the waterproof performance of the COB light strip itself, correct design and installation are also the key to ensuring waterproof effect. Sealed connections, waterproof tape and suitable fixtures can further enhance the waterproof performance of COB light strips and prevent moisture from penetrating.

To sum up, it is crucial to choose COB light strips with good waterproof performance, especially for use outdoors and in humid environments. Make sure the light strips use high-quality waterproof materials and packaging technology, pay attention to the IP rating and comply with relevant waterproof standards and certifications. In addition, correct waterproof design and installation are also key to ensuring the waterproof effect of COB light strips. Choosing reliable waterproof COB light strips will provide long-lasting waterproof protection for your lighting solution, ensuring a safe and efficient lighting experience.

Do cob light strips cost electricity? You can rest assured

In today's society that pays attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, people are paying more and more attention to the energy consumption of home lighting. Among many lighting products, COB light strips have become consumers’ first choice due to their unique characteristics. So, do COB light strips consume electricity? The following is a detailed analysis of the energy-saving advantages of COB light strips.

No electricity consumption! The common powers of COB lamp strips are 5W, 6W, 7W, 10W, 12W, and 15W per meter. LED lamp beads using energy-saving light sources are also made of light-emitting diodes. They save about 80% more energy than incandescent lamps with the same light efficiency and are more energy-saving than energy-saving lamps. Energy saving 40%. Color changeable, dimmable, programmable control.


Advantages of COB light strips

COB light strips use advanced chip packaging technology to integrate multiple LED chips on one chip to form a high-density light source. Compared with traditional lighting products, COB light strips have the following energy-saving advantages:

High light efficiency

The chip integrated design of COB light strips makes the light source more concentrated and the light utilization efficiency is higher. Under the same power, COB light strips can provide brighter lighting effects and reduce energy waste.

Low power consumption

COB light strips use LED chips as light sources. LEDs have high-efficiency conversion characteristics and can convert electrical energy into light energy at a higher rate. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, COB light strips consume less power and save energy.

Long life

The LED chip of the COB light strip has a long life, usually up to tens of thousands of hours. The longer service life reduces the frequency of lamp replacement, lowering energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Dimming function

COB light strip supports dimming function, and the lighting brightness can be adjusted as needed. By adjusting the brightness of light, energy consumption can be further reduced to meet different lighting needs.


To sum up, COB light strips have the advantages of bright lighting and high efficiency and energy saving. It can provide high-efficiency, low-power lighting effects, save energy and reduce energy costs. Therefore, choosing COB light strips is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice, which can bring energy-saving effects to home lighting and contribute to sustainable development. Choose COB light strips to make your home lighting more energy-saving and environmentally friendly!

Types Of Addressable COB LED Strip Light

We have RGB Addressable COB LED Strip Lights,RGBW Addressable COB LED Strip Lights,RGBWW Addressable COB LED Strip Lights,Pixel Addressable COB LED Strip Lights,CCT Addressable COB LED Strip Lights,Digital Addressable COB LED Strip Lights,Smart Addressable COB LED Strip Lights ,which is best way for your project and choice.


RGB Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

RGB (Red Green Blue) addressable COB LED strip lights are capable of producing a wide range of colors by individually controlling the intensity of red, green, and blue LEDs. These lights offer vibrant and dynamic lighting effects with the ability to create customized color patterns and sequences.

RGBW Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

Similar to RGB addressable COB LED strip lights, RGBW (Red Green Blue White) lights include an additional white LED chip. The white LED provides a pure and bright white light, in addition to the RGB color mixing capabilities. This combination allows for more versatile lighting options, including the ability to produce true white without color mixing.

RGBWW Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

RGBWW (Red Green Blue Warm White) addressable COB LED strip lights offer the same features as RGBW lights but with the addition of a warm white LED chip. This warm white LED provides a cozy and softer lighting effect, making it suitable for ambient and mood lighting applications.

Pixel Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

Pixel addressable COB LED strip lights are equipped with individual addressable pixels, allowing for precise control of each pixel's color and brightness. These lights are often used for creating dynamic lighting effects and animations. Each pixel can be programmed to display a specific color or animation, resulting in visually stunning lighting displays.

CCT Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) addressable COB LED strip lights offer adjustable white light output with varying color temperatures. They typically include separate warm white and cool white LED chips that can be controlled independently. This allows users to achieve a wide range of white light options, from warm to cool tones, to suit different applications and moods.

Digital Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

Digital addressable COB LED strip lights, such as those using the WS2812 or APA102 protocol, provide individual control over each LED chip on the strip. This means that each LED can display a different color or brightness level, allowing for advanced lighting effects like chasing patterns, color gradients, and more. These lights are commonly used in creative lighting projects and stage lighting setups.

Smart Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

Smart addressable COB LED strip lights can be controlled via wireless connectivity, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They often come with smartphone apps or voice control compatibility, allowing users to adjust the lighting settings conveniently. These smart features enable users to change colors, brightness, and lighting effects with ease, making them suitable for home automation and smart lighting systems.

Disadvantages of Addressable COB LED Strip Lights

Now, We will discuss the disadvantages of addressable COB LED strips in detail.



One of the main disadvantages of addressable COB LED strips is their higher cost compared to traditional LED strips. Addressable COB LED light strips use advanced technology and require more complex manufacturing processes, resulting in higher production costs. This added cost may deter some consumers from choosing addressable COB LED strips for their lighting projects.

Complex installation

Installing addressable COB LED light strips is more complicated than installing traditional LED light strips. Addressable COB LED light strips typically require a separate controller and power supply, which adds to the overall complexity of the installation process. Additionally, addressable COB LED strips often come with more connectors and wiring, which can be a challenge for individuals unfamiliar with electrical installation.

Compatibility issues

Addressable COB LED strips may not be compatible with all controllers or software systems. Different manufacturers use different protocols and programming languages, which can cause compatibility issues when trying to control lights with a specific controller or software. You must ensure that your addressable COB LED strips and controller or software are compatible before purchasing to avoid any compatibility related issues.

Limited availability

While addressable COB LED strips are growing in popularity, they are still less readily available than traditional LED strips. This limited availability can make it difficult for consumers to find the specific type or design of addressable COB LED light strips they want. Additionally, customization and variety options may be limited compared to traditional LED strips.

Heat dissipation

Addressable COB LED strips can generate a lot of heat, especially when running at high brightness for long periods of time. Heat dissipation is critical to ensure LED longevity and performance. Insufficient heat dissipation can result in reduced life and performance of addressable COB LED strips. Therefore, proper cooling measures, such as using adequate heat sinks or fans, need to be taken to prevent overheating issues.

Size and Flexibility Limitations: Addressable COB LED strips typically have larger LED chips compared to traditional LED strips. This larger chip size may limit the overall size and flexibility of the strip light itself. Larger chips may require more circuitry and therefore require wider strips, which are less flexible than traditional LED strips. This limitation may limit the suitability of addressable COB LED strips for certain lighting projects that require more sophisticated or flexible lighting solutions.

LEDODM Lighting is a LED Strip Light Manufacturer you can trust, With 12 years of lighting experience, we invest heavily in quality control and production of the best component parts to you. we pride ourselves on only stocking the highest-quality lighting products, and we are committed to making sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. For complete peace of mind, we offer an unrivaled 5-year warranty on all our LED Light Strip.

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