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WS2812B individually RGB addressable LED Strip Light 5V 30LEDs/M

  • SL-5050-30WS2812B

  • DC 5V

  • SMD5050

  • 30LEDs/m

  • 10mm

  • 6W/m

  • RGB

PCB Color:
IC Type:
IP Rating:

WS2812B LED Strip Light 5V 30LED



The WS2812B 30LEDs/m LED strip light is a popular addressable LED strip that features 30 individual WS2812B LEDs per meter. These LED strips offer a flexible and versatile lighting solution that is widely used in various applications, including home decor, stage lighting, signage, and DIY projects.

The WS2812B LED strip lights are known for their vibrant and dynamic lighting effects, as each individual LED on the strip can be controlled independently. This means that you can create intricate lighting patterns, color-changing effects, and animations by programming the LEDs with compatible controllers or microcontrollers.

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Get custom LED strips that match your exact needs from LEDODM LIGHTING - one of the leading custom LED strip manufacturers in China. From simple to complex PCB designs, our skilled designers and engineers can answer your needs at affordable prices.

Many projects and applications requiring LED strip lighting demand custom attention and design.

Product Features

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • Built-in IC WS2812B

  • Addressable Full Color

  • 3Pin JST SM Connector

  • 120° Beam Angle

  • Super High Brightness

  • 3M Brand Adhesive Tape

  • Working voltage is DC5V, max 5.5V

  • PWM controller can adjust 256 gray levels

  • Addressable control of individual LEDs

  • High brightness and color accuracy

WS2812B LED Strip Show

22 29 45 48

Available IP Rating

IP20----Non-waterproof, Using it in indoor and keep away from rain wet

IP65---- Anti small water drop, fit on damp location

IP66/IP67---- Anti big water drop, fit on outdoor exterior building

IP68---- Fully waterproof, it also be placed in the swimming pool

ip grade

Comparison of Different IC Type

WS2811 UCS1903 RGB

External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit 24V 6LEDs/unit, 3Pin (VCC DATA GND), No breakpoint transmisson

WS2818 TM1934 RGB

External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit 24V 6LEDs/unit, 4Pin (VCC DATA1 DATA2 GND), Yes breakpoint transmisson

WS2812B SK6812 RGB

Built-in IC, 5V 1LEDs/unit, 3Pin (VCC DATA GND), No breakpoint transmisson

WS2813 RGB

Built-in IC, 5V 1LEDs/unit, 4Pin (VCC DATA1 DATA2 GND), Yes breakpoint transmisson


Built-in IC, 5V 1LEDs/unit, 3Pin (VCC DATA1 DATA2 GND), No breakpoint transmisson

WS2815 SK6813HV GS8208 RGB

Built-in IC, 12V 1LEDs/unit, 4Pin (VCC DATA1 DATA2 GND), Yes breakpoint transmisson


External IC, 12V 3LEDs/unit 24V 6LEDs/unit, 5Pin (VCC DATA1 DATA2 ADD GND), Yes breakpoint transmisson


  • Home Decorative Lighting

  • Exhibition Hall Lighting

  • Hotel Lobbies Lighting

  • Bar Club Lighting

  • Patio and Garden Lighting

  • Architectural Buidling Lighting

  • Automotive Lighting

  • Car & Motorcycle Lighting

  • Atmosphere Lighting

Why Choose Ledodm's ws2812b led strip lights?

  • Product Excellence

    LEDODM Lighting offers superior WS2812B LED Strip Light products known for their exceptional quality, reliability, and performance, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge technology and solutions.

  • Expertise and Experience

    With years of experience in the WS2812B LED Strip Light industry, LEDODM Lighting has developed deep expertise in designing and manufacturing-cutting-edge WS2812B LED Strip Light solutions.

  • Innovation and Technology

    We are committed to continuous innovation, investing in the latest technologies to bring you state-of-the-art WS2812B LED Strip Light products that meet your evolving needs.

  • 10+ Years Experience

    Ledodm focus on led strip lights for more than 10 years, during past years, we have produced many customized products according to customers' requirements. Welcome to inquiry any led strip which you need.

  • Guaranteed Performance

    Produced with high quality led chip, pcb and resistor, led strips can be used for many high end projects and OEM products. After testing, our led strip light will dim to 70% of original brightness after using for 50,000 hours.

  • Professional in LED Strip

    Ledodm is a preferred supplier for led strip light distributor, international lighting designers, building contractors and renowned architects from all over the world. We concern every development in led strip industry and pay close attention to every innovation, and we want share our knowledge and passion with as many people as possible. Our specialists are here to assist in your project’s development from imagination to realization.

WS2812B LED Strip Light 5V 30LED

  • Epistar Chip & Brand LED

  • Flexible Double-sided PCB

  • Programmable Strip Light

  • Built-in WS2812B IC LED Strip

  • 3Pin JST-SM Connector (5V DI GND)

Model No.LED TypeIC Type
VoltagePCB WidthColorPower/M
SL-5050-30WS2812B30leds/m 505030pcs/m WS2812B5V10mmRGB6W
PCB colorwhite /black PCB
PCB Width10mm
Pcb Length5meter/roll, also can be customized
View angle120 degree
Installationwith 3M adhesive back ,easy for installation
IP rateIP20(non-waterproof)   IP65(Silicon-tube waterproof)
IP66:Soft tube waterproof   IP68:Soft tube+Glue filled waterproof 
Operate temperature-20 ~ +40°C
Package5M/reel .with anti-static bag or customized
Applicationindoor /outdoor decorative lighting,
ceiling lighting,sign lighting etc.

WS2812B LED Strip Light 5V 30LED

End Wire for WS2812B Addressable LED Strip Light

three wire for led strip

End Wire

jst connector for led strip

SM Male Femal Connector

3pin connector for led strip light

DC Male Femal Connector

Controller for WS2812B LED Strip Light

rf controller for led strip

RF Controller

bluetooth controller for led strip

Bluetooth Controller

t1000 controller

T1000 Controller

WS2812B LED Strip Light 5V 30LED

WS2812B LED Strip Lights FAQ:

  • Q: What is addressable led strip?

    Addressable means the led strip can be programmed through the IC of the led strip.


  • Q: WS2812B LED Strip Light 30LEDs/m

    30 LEDs/m: Suitable for ambient or accent lighting where a softer glow is desired, such as in a bedroom or living room.

  • Q: How many colors are there in WS2812B?

    There are WS2812b IC and 3 leds (red, green and blue). WS2812b IC communicates in a very practical one-wired way using the NZR communication protocol.

  • Q: 2D Model of the WS2812B LED

    The dimensions of the WS2812B LED are given below to help you in selecting the right PCB footprint for WS2812B.

WS2812B-LED-Dimensions (1)

  • Q: WS2812B LED Specifications

    Supply voltage - 3.5V to 5.3V
    Signal input voltage - 0.5V to VCC + 0.5V
    Input capacitance - 15pF
    Signal supply current - 1uA

  • Q: How do WS2812B LEDs work?

    The WS2812b strip has three connections, also known as pins: Power5V, Data In Din, and Ground 0V. With these three pins connected to an Arduino, you're able to set the brightness and color on each individual LED in the strand!

  • Q: Are WS2812B individually addressable?

    You can control each LED individually! Yes, that's right; this is the digitally-addressable type of LED strip. You can set the color of each LED's red, green and blue component with 8-bit PWM precision (so 24-bit color per pixel). WS2812B Led strips are work great with FastLED library.

  • Q: Understanding the WS2812B Addressable RGB LED

    WS2812B comprises three LEDs (red, green, and blue) along with a controller in the same package. The controller contains a 24-bit register, which takes in serial data from the DIN pin and stores and displays it on the respective LED.


    The 24-bit register is divided into three parts, each one is 8 bits long and holds a different brightness value for each color. Since there are 8 bits, there can be 256 possible brightness values for each LED. As there are three colors, a total of close to 17 million colors are possible. The data pins on the LED are designed to be daisy-chained; the output of the controller is buffered to maintain signal quality even if a lot of LEDs are connected.

  • Q: WS2812B Addressable LED Pinout

    Sr. No. Pin Name Function
    1 VDD Power Supply for LED
    2 DOUT Control Data Signal Output
    3 VSS Ground
    4 DIN Control Data Signal Input

  • Q: What are the different types of WS2812B LED strip lights available?

    1. Individual LED Density: WS2812B LED strip lights are available in different LED densities, such as 30 LEDs per meter, 60 LEDs per meter, and 144 LEDs per meter. The density determines the spacing between each LED and the level of detail and smoothness in lighting effects.
    2. Waterproof and Non-Waterproof: These LED strips are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions. Waterproof strips are encapsulated in a protective covering, making them suitable for outdoor or wet environments.
    3. Voltage and Power Options: WS2812B LED strips are available in various voltage options, such as 5V and 12V, catering to different power supply configurations and requirements.
    4. White and RGB Versions: In addition to RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED strips, some variants may also include white LEDs, providing a broader color spectrum and additional lighting options.
    5. Form Factor: The LED strips come in different form factors, including standard flexible strips, rigid bars, and custom-shaped PCBs, offering flexibility in installation and design.

  • Q: What are the key features of WS2812B LED strip lights?

    1. Addressable LEDs: Each individual LED on the strip can be controlled independently, allowing for a wide range of color and effects.
    2. Compatibility: The WS2812B LED strip lights can be easily interfaced with microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, making them popular for DIY projects and prototyping.
    3. Flexible and compact design: The strip lights are flexible, allowing for bending and shaping to fit various applications. They are also compact and easy to install.
    4. Wide color range: The WS2812B LEDs are capable of displaying a wide range of colors, making them suitable for dynamic and colorful lighting effects.
    5. Simple wiring: The LED strips use a single data line for communication, simplifying the wiring and control process.
    6. Programmable: The LEDs can be programmed to display various patterns, color animations, and effects, offering a high level of customization.

  • Q: Can WS2812B LED strip lights be cut to size?

    Yes, WS2812B LED strip lights can usually be cut to the desired length at designated cut points, which are typically marked on the strip.

  • Q: Are WS2812B LED strip lights waterproof?

    WS2812B LED strip lights are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions. Be sure to select the appropriate type for your specific application.

  • Q: What are some common applications for WS2812B LED strip lights?

    These LED strips are commonly used for decorative lighting, ambient lighting, signage, and visual displays due to their individually addressable pixels and vibrant color capabilities.

  • Q: How can I control WS2812B LED strip lights?

    WS2812B LED strip lights can be controlled using microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or dedicated LED controllers. There are also various software libraries and programming languages available for controlling these LED strips.

  • Q: How do WS2812B LED strip lights work?

    WS2812B LED strip lights have a built-in driver chip that allows each LED to be individually controlled using a single data line. This allows for complex and customizable lighting effects.

  • Q: Can WS2812B LED strip lights be cut and reconnected?

    Yes, WS2812B LED strip lights can be cut at designated cut points and reconnected using soldering or connectors.

  • Q: What power supply do I need for WS2812B LED strip lights?

    The power requirements for WS2812B LED strip lights depend on the length and density of the LEDs. It's important to calculate the total power consumption and select a power supply that can deliver the necessary voltage and current.

  • Q: What is breakpoint transmission led strip?

    The signal still can continue even if one led chip can not work, see below photo.

dual singnal led strip light

  • Q: What is individually addressable led strip?

    In an individually addressable LED strip, the LEDs each have a companion IC to give them independence and intelligence.

  • Q: What is the product warranty for ws2812b led strip light?

    The warranty on led strip lights ranges from 2 to 5 years which depends on the product material requested.

  • Q: What is the product lifespan?

    Our led tape lights have been strictly tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. 

  • Q: How do I install led strip?

    Choose the according power supply and controller, then connect led strip with controller and power supply, finally you can light it on.

  • Q: What does IP meam?

    This is a rating system that defines the ability of led strip to be able to work in different environments. It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects and liquids. An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers, the first one refers to the protection against solid objects and the second one refers to protection against liquids.

  • Q: How do I put waterproof led strip on?

     All of our outdoor-rated strip lights come with 3M adhesive tape on the back and mounting brackets in the anti-static bag.

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