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  • How does the lighting effect of the building come out?
    How does the lighting effect of the building come out?
  • How to choose a LED strip light
    In our communication with many customers, we found that many customers do not know what led strip lights they need. Here is a brief analysis for you from several aspects:1. Voltage selection:For led strip lights, it is usually divided into high-voltage 110v/220v and low-voltage 5v/12v/24v.
  • What Is RGBIC LED Strip
    With so many advances in technology in the world, it is seemingly impossible to follow all of them. When it comes to lighting, most people are not aware of new products or how they differ from traditional industry standards. However, understanding how advances can provide you with higher quality
  • Choosing the Best Addressable LED Strip Types: Ultimate Guide
    There are two main types of addressable LEDs: those with 3-pin connectors and those with 4-pin connectors. The 3-pin strips use a common anode design, while the 4-pin strips use a common cathode design. Addressable LED strips typically use one of two control protocols: WS2811/WS2812
  • Addressable Cob Led Strip Guide
    Are you looking for a addressable cob led strip for ambient lighting? If yes, the addressable cob led strip is an ideal choice. Depending on your needs, this addressable cob led strip works great for both ambient and accent lighting.
  • What Is Individually Addressable Led Strip
    What should I look for in good Individually Addressable Led Strip?
  • Guide for WS2812B LED Strip Light
    Are you looking for WS2812B LED Strip Light?
  • COB vs SMD LED Strip Lights Explained
    The difference between COB led strips and SMD led strips1.First of all, the difference in their manufacturing process can also be seen from the difference in the name. COB :Chip on board, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the PCB board, and the light-emitting surface is a linear
  • About the voltage drop of low-voltage led strip light
    About the voltage drop of low-voltage led strip lightAs we all know that there is generally a problem of voltage drop for low-voltage led strip lights. Voltage drop, as the name implies, refers to the drop in voltage. For the led strip light, the voltage drop means that the brightness of the led
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