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  • Warm White LED Strip Lights

    Led lighting is a completely different technology, it allows you to choose the color of the light you want, then the two most common colors are warm white led strip light and cool white led strip light. Warm white led strip light is a low color temperature, there is a very warm, yellow or even orang

  • Application Feedback of LED Neon Flex Light

    Here's a photo from our project customer, flexible led neon light application for cinema, designed with white and red color.

  • COB FOB LED Strip Light

    Cob led strip is the chips on the board with cob package, it's the most popular led strip in 2019. Why people are willing to pay high cost to buy cob led strip instead of general led strip?

  • Battery Operated LED Strip Light

    Battery operated led strip light is powered by batteries, and it does not need power supply and plug, convenient to use everywhere. Led type can be any one of 5050, 3528, 2835, and color can be offered as white, warm white, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and other single light.
    If you need single color battery operated led strip, 2835 is recommended with high lumen, there's two solution for end connector. 1. red and black wire and directly connected with battery box; 2. DC female connector at the end of led strip, and it can be connected with male connector of battery pack.

  • The Ways to Choose LED Strip Light

    If there is no light in the world, we can't see anything. And because of the color and brightness of the light, or the different way of irradiation object, The objects we see and the impressions we have on them will be different. we These principles are the same in the living environment. A wide var

  • Method for Identifying LED Strip Quality

    Due to the low production threshold of LED lights, the quality is uneven.However, experienced friends still have a way to identify them. The LED strips produced by regular manufacturers and the low-end LED strips (made by Zhongshan) can be seen from the appearance.1:Look at the solder joints. The LE

  • Birth of the LED Lighting Products

    In ancient times, the people start to research how to improve the lighting. At the beginning, one develop the torch, but there are many problems, firstly, you have to hold it in your hand or put the burning head down and tilt it, otherwise it will go out. Secondly, the torch cannot continue to burn.

  • Welcome to Ledodm Lighting Blog

    As a professional led strip light manufacturer, ledodm lighting has been in led industry for more than 10 years. Now ledodm lighting manufacturer is willing to share with you all information here, including company news, led industry news, and led new technology. Led is known as energy-saving produc

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