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  • What is WS2811 LED Strip?
    What is WS2811 LED Strip? The WS2811 LED strip is a popular type of addressable RGB LED strip that provides a versatile and dynamic lighting solution for a wide range of applications. In this detailed explanation, I'll delve into the technical aspects, features, applications
  • A Guide to LED Strip Voltage Options
    LED strip lights are a popular lighting option for both residential and commercial applications. They offer flexibility, energy efficiency, and a wide range of colors and effects. One important consideration when choosing LED strip lights is the voltage option. In this guide,
  • What LED Strip Widths Are Available?
    What Do You Mean By LED Strip Width?

    LED strip width refers to the physical width or thickness of an LED strip. LED strips are flexible circuits or boards that contain multiple LED lights. The width of an LED strip is usually measured in millimeters (mm) and indicat
  • What is COB led strip light?
    A COB LED strip light refers to a type of LED strip that uses chips based on COB (Chip on Board) technology. COB technology involves directly mounting multiple LED chips onto a single substrate to create a high-density LED array. These chips are smaller and more closely packed compared to traditiona
  • High Voltage VS Low Voltage – How To Choose The Right LED Strip Light?
    While searching for an LED strip light, you may repeatedly come across a voltage rating. But are you unsure what exactly it means? Do you know whether you should choose 12V or 24V? Read on to find out!Which is better - 12V or 24V?What Is a High-voltage LED Strip Lights?High-voltage LED strip lights
  • Introduction of Side-Emitting led strip
    Introduction of Side-Emitting led stripGuideline:1. What is Side-Emitting led strip2. Specification of Side-Emitting led strip3. Application of Side-Emitting led strip1. There are various series of LED strip lights, and the common models are 5050 and 2835. Now we are going to talk about side-emittin
  • Ways to go around your swimming pool with super long led strip
    Ways to go around your swimming pool with super long led stripWe got the inquiry from our customers, it was like " I need 100 feet/140 feet /160 feet light strips to surround the swimming pool, do you have such products? " What we will provide you is a constant current light strip, which is differen
  • June - Very Fulfilling Month
    June was a remarkably productive month for us at Ledodm Lighting Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. We successfully completed two undertakings. 1. The 28th GILEFirstly, we have successfully concluded our participation in the 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE). The event was a grand success,
  • Spice Up Your Daily Routine with Magic Light Strip
    Do you wish you could use your voice to call the lights to turn on when you get home from get off work? Do you hope that when you turn on the music, the light will flash or flow with the rhythm of the music? Imagine how romantic it is to follow the changing lights, dancing with your wife or husband
  • Paper thin led light sheets
    LED light sheet is our new design, which is in paper thin appearance, thin and lightweight. so we call paper thin led light sheets as well. Each led with a cutting mark, can be DIY bendable and cut from any part of paper into any shape, such as linear, square, rectangle, L, TT, S, + etc. Excellent f
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