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  • How to distinguish the quality of led strip lighting?

    Nowadays, the led strip is very popular, it can be used not only as main lighting, but also as decoration. Because of this multiple color and excellent for variours environments. In oder that new in this field. Avoid new losses, LEDODM lighting has some tips for everyone1 ) Checking the components

  • SMD3528 LED Strip Lights

    What is the SMD 3528 LED Strip?3528 Means the lenght of led is 3.5mm and the width is 2.8mm, 3528 led strip adopt the flexible PCB, high brightness SMD LED, glow on the top. all of materials with high quality ensure and professional design, it has excellent flexibility and proformance stability. Nor

  • High luminous Efficiency 2835 Light Strip

    Product Feature:1) High brightness, the luminous efficiency of the light strip is up to 140LM/W, 150W/M, 160LM/W. Under the same brightness requirements, high luminous efficiency of led strip lights can save about 40% of power consumption. More energy! And the light decay is less than 2%.2) Stable p

  • UVC Flexible LED Strip Light

    Q: The application of UVC sterilization cabinet lights?A: Most of cabinet lights are linear design, surface mounted like ceiling lights, only apply for steel ceilings, so the applications of UVC are kitchen, wardrobe etc. Q: The wavelength of UVC sterilization cabinet lights?A: The best wavelength

  • WS2811 Digital LED Strip Lights

    In the main lights of the digital led strip, WS2811 full-color light belt occupies a very important position, it is a single point three-control external IC chip light belt, using 12V power supply, simple operation, easy installation, can be used in home decoration, advertising strip, bar KTV stage

  • 2835 LED Strip Light

    High quality and highly efficient led strips are very popular in led lighting market, most of them are using smd2835 led. Especially for led strip lights, nowadays smd2835 led strip is widely used instead of smd3528 led strip. Let’s see why people choose smd2835 led strip. There’re many advantages a

  • Aluminum Profile LED Strip Light

    The difference between the aluminum profile LED strip light and the flexible LED strip light is that the aluminum profile LED strip light is a hard material, because it is mounted on the aluminum plate, so the heat dissipation effect will be much better than the flexible LED strip light, and its tex

  • S Shape LED Strip Lights

    In our life, we can see that many shops use LED luminous characters (such as mini luminous characters, resin luminous characters) as shop tips. Early production of LED luminous characters generally used LED modules or LED flexible light bars. Both of these LED products can solve the light display of

  • History of Light Sources

    The best light source for illumination is sunlight. The sun provides light in the visible spectrum, which has been familiar to human eyes for thousands of years. Human has experienced a long historical process of manufacturing and using animal oil lamps, vegetable oil lamps, kerosene lamps, incandes

  • Digital LED Strip Light

    IntroductionLED full color strip light, also known as LED magic strip light, LED digital strip light, pixel strip light, English name: LED pixel strips, the product is flexible FPC (soft strip light) / PCB (rigid strip light) for substrate welding LEDs and peripheral circuits are formed, which can r

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