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  • How to distinguish to the quality of the neon light & led strip?

    How to distinguish the quality of the neon light & led strip?

  • What is the led strip addressable/digital led strip?

    Led strip addressable also named digital led strip, colorful led strip, dream color led strip etc, which adopt constant current IC control to control the LED on the FPCB, can meet chase, water flow, dynamic & static picture display etc. And the waterproof grade can reach out IP68. Good for any envi

  • Spice Up Your Daily Routine with Magic Light Strip

    Do you wish you could use your voice to call the lights to turn on when you get home from get off work? Do you hope that when you turn on the music, the light will flash or flow with the rhythm of the music? Imagine how romantic it is to follow the changing lights, dancing with your wife or husband

  • Paper thin led light sheets

    LED light sheet is our new design, which is in paper thin appearance, thin and lightweight. so we call paper thin led light sheets as well. Each led with a cutting mark, can be DIY bendable and cut from any part of paper into any shape, such as linear, square, rectangle, L, TT, S, + etc. Excellent f

  • Aluminum LED Profile

    Aluminum profile is as a high end decoration item for led strip. It is good especially for indoor, outdoor, building outline application. The main material of aluminum profile are pure aluminum and alloy other elements etc. Secure and it’s easier for installation. The surface of profile with anodizi

  • Catalog of Aluminum Profile from LEDODM LIGHTING

    As an important part of LED linear lighting, Aluminum Profile has better decorative effective. and the surface is finely oxidized, which can be processed into different colors, For different application, we have covered all different installation. Such as: suspended, wall, in ground, corner, surface

  • The introduction of the neon lights

    1. Introduction Led Neon Flex is a dot-free flexible linear light. Adopted first-class eco-friendly UV-resistant silicone material, our neon light comes with a wide array of features. It is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high performance uniform light and flexible. ideal for highlighting architectural perimeters and outlines. Side view neon led flex can be horizontal bendable, easy to make the vivid neon sign what you want. And because of the flexibility and some small size of led neon light, it can be used to make various shapes of sign. LED neon light greatly decorate the city and people’s lives, and brings new designs and possibilities to people’s lives.

  • Small talk of the light

    Light is common in our daily life. Sometimes we may be losing sight of its function and importance, especially when we get accustomed to them. In fact, if we study it carefully, we will find that there are many interested things. The purpose is to provide brightness to people at first, but now it’s

  • Mateterial Feature of LEDODM’S items

    Shenzhen LEDODM Lighting Co., Ltd is specialized in the design, research, development and sales of led strip light. From the beginning of the establishment of the company, LEDODM has always adhered to this belief of “to make the best LED in China” to make every product well. The company's main product line are various LED light strips and accessories, such as led strip light flexible, led neon strip light, Aluminum Profiles, Amazon Hot Sales Kit, LED Accessories.

  • The principle of LED lighting

    LED is diode, which can convert electrical energy into visible light. Common LED color include red, green, which is composed of chips, brackets, fluorescent powder and so on. The chip is the core part of the LED. It is composed of a P-type semiconductor and an N-type semiconductor. There is a tran

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