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12V vs. 24V Addressable LED strip lights - what is the difference?

Views: 3782     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2023-05-28      Origin: LEDODM

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Without further delay, let’s get into 12V Addressable LED Strip Light in depth to learn what they are, their application, and how they work. I have also added a guideline for purchasing a suitable 12V Addressable LED Strip Light for your convenience. Here you go

What is 12V Addressable LED Strip Light?


The 12V Addressable Led Strip Light is an IC that controls an LED to form a circuit (a group). The controller controls the circuit in the FPCB by controlling the IC to control the LED light strip to change different effects; such as flashing, chasing, jumping. Change, clockwise horse racing, counterclockwise horse racing, single color horse racing, color changing horse racing, single particle chasing from beginning to end, flowing water, simulated lightning, etc.; the changing effect of this LED Strip Light is not limited to the many effects built into the current controller, and can be adjusted according to the Customer needs, self-programming, etc.

1. Characteristics of 12V Addressable Led Strip Light

The 12V Addressable Led Strip Light is a light strip composed of multiple LED lamp beads, which can show a variety of different colors of flashing effects. It is very common to be used as decorative lighting. 12V or 24V has become the voltage choice for most colorful light strips.

12V Addressable Led Strip Light usually use lower power lamp beads and their power supply range is also smaller. 24V Addressable Led Strip Light can utilize higher voltage and current and use more high-power lamp beads. It can be seen that although both have advantages, the basic characteristics of 12V and 24V are different.

The characteristics of the 12V Addressable Led Strip Light are as follows:

High brightness: The LED lamp beads used in the 12V Addressable Led Strip Light have high brightness and can provide bright lighting effects.

Rich colors: The 12V Addressable Led Strip Light can display millions or even tens of millions of colors, and the colors can be freely adjusted as needed.

Multiple modes: The colorful light strip can switch to different modes through the controller, such as gradient, jump, flash, breathing, etc.

Strong flexibility: The 12V Addressable Led Strip Light can be cut or extended as needed to adapt to different application scenarios.

Easy to control: The 12V Addressable Led Strip Light adopts digital control technology and can be controlled through remote control, APP, DMX controller, etc.


The 12V Addressable Led Strip Light has the characteristics of multiple colors, multiple modes, high brightness, strong flexibility, and easy control. It is widely used in landscape lighting, decorative lighting, architectural lighting and other fields.

2. Selection of usage environment

When selecting 12V or 24V driving voltage, you need to consider the different application environments. For example, if it is used outdoors, a higher driving voltage should be selected, such as 24V. And if it is used indoors, then 12V is enough.

12V Addressable Led Strip Lights are more suitable for applications that require smaller size, low-power lamp beads. If you need higher brightness and larger size, then choosing a 24V Addressable Led Strip Light will be more suitable.

3. Price considerations

Of course, price is also one of the factors in choosing the voltage of the light strip. 12V light strips are relatively inexpensive because they use lower components and cost less including adapters and other accessories. If you just need a simple indoor lighting decoration, then the 12V Addressable Led Strip Light will be a more economical choice.

The price of 24V Addressable Led Strip Light is relatively high, but they use more LED lamp beads and larger shells, making them more durable. If you need to use light strips outdoors, or need better lighting effects and long service life, then choosing 24V light strips will be more suitable.

To sum up, which one is better, 12V or 24V Addressable Led Strip Light, depends on your application environment and requirements. To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your lighting, be sure to carefully consider these factors and choose the voltage that best suits you.

What is the difference between waterproof and non-waterproof low-voltage light strips?

addressable led strip 01

LED light strips are low-voltage 12V\24V. They are fully waterproof. The light strips are covered with a sleeve and then glue is added. In other words, the glue is filled with water and can be placed in water.

Semi-waterproof means that a layer of glue is dripped on the surface of the light strip, which means that the glue is waterproof and can prevent water from dripping. ; LED light strips are generally divided into two types

High-voltage light strips and low-voltage light strips; high-voltage light strips are waterproof light strips, and the light colors can be white, warm white, red, green, blue, and yellow; they can be used outdoors with a wide voltage of 85-265v; low-voltage light strips are divided into three types Specifications;Commonly waterproof glue; three levels from non-waterproof to waterproof to outdoor waterproof; light and color can be customized;

There are two commonly used light sources for high-voltage light strips and low-voltage light strips: 3528 and 5050

The price of 5050 high-voltage light strips is the same as normal white, warm white, red, green, blue and yellow; the colorful color-changing light strips are slightly more expensive;

Another important factor in the quality of high-voltage lamp strips is the packaging wires used, copper wires and aluminum wires; copper wires are of higher quality and aluminum wires are cheaper; of course, the usage rate of copper wires is more expensive, but the quality varies greatly;

What is the difference between 12v and 24v light strips?

There are several main differences between 12V and 24V strip lights:

Applicable space:

12V light strips have less power, so they are not suitable for large-area lighting. In comparison, 24V light strips have greater power and are more suitable for use in larger places.

Heat dissipation requirements:

Since the power of 12V light strips is relatively low, its heat dissipation requirements are also correspondingly low. On the contrary, 24V light strips have higher power and require better heat dissipation to avoid overheating and shortening their lifespan.

Use distance:

12V strip lights are generally brighter but suitable for short distance use. As the distance of use increases, the brightness will gradually decrease and become not bright enough. In contrast, 24V light strips can maintain sufficient brightness even when used over long distances, and will not dim as the distance increases.

Cutting and installation:

Some types of light strips such as CB light strips may support 12V or 24V voltage and have specific cutting lengths (such as 5cm). During installation, the appropriate supply voltage and cutting size need to be selected based on the specific luminaire type and design.

To sum up, 12V light strips are suitable for smaller spaces and require shorter use distances, while 24V light strips are suitable for larger spaces and can provide longer lighting distances while requiring good heat dissipation conditions to extend the lighting distance. Service life

What to pay attention to when buying LED strip lighting

1. The brightness requirements for LEDs vary depending on different occasions and products. For example, LED jewelry counter

If the lights are placed in some large shopping malls, we need to have higher brightness to make them attractive, and LEDs also have decorative functions.

Different products such as spotlights and LED light strips.

2. Antistatic ability: Antistatic ability LEDs with strong antistatic ability have a long life, but the price will be higher. Usually antistatic

It is best to be above 700V.

3. LEDs with the same wavelength and color temperature will have the same color. This is particularly important for lamps that are combined in large quantities. the same one

Do not produce too much color difference in the lamps.

4. Leakage current is the current when LED conducts electricity in reverse direction. We recommend using LED products with smaller leakage current.

5. Waterproof ability, the requirements for outdoor and indoor LED lights are different.

6. The LED light-emitting angle has a great influence on LED lamps and has great requirements on different lamps. For example, we recommend LED fluorescent lamps.

Use 140-170 degrees. We will not explain the others in detail here.

7. LED chips determine the core quality of LEDs. There are many brands of LED chips, including foreign brands (such as CREE, Nichia, etc.).

There are also those from Taiwan (such as Canton Gallium, Jingyuan, etc.). The prices of different brands vary greatly.

8. The size of the LED chip also determines the quality and brightness of the LED. We also try to choose larger chips when choosing.

However, there is a difference in price.

What are built-in IC lamp beads? What are the features and advantages?

First of all, we need to know that there is no integrated chip in ordinary LED lamp beads. The LED lamp bead is a PN junction light-emitting diode. Built-in IC lamp beads literally mean that an "IC" is placed inside an ordinary LED lamp bead. So what does "IC" refer to?

IC refers to: integrated circuit. (English: integrated circuit, abbreviated as IC), in electronics, is a miniaturized method of manufacturing circuits (mainly including semiconductor devices, including passive components, etc.) on the surface of a semiconductor wafer. Compared to hand-assembled circuits using individual discrete electronic components, integrated circuits can integrate a large number of microtransistors into a small chip, which is a huge improvement.

Here, IC refers to the original component in the driving power supply that is used to stabilize and improve the power supply quality of the entire circuit. The LED driver integrated circuit block is referred to as IC for short. Now, in order to cater to the characteristics of LED lighting, LED driver IC integrates more Functions, even if you use an ordinary power driver IC, you can still achieve those functions, but the circuit is more complicated.

5050 RGB IC

Therefore, how can ordinary LED lamp beads have more colors, more stable output, and longer life to satisfy the increasingly diverse market?

We can now conclude that only one more integrated circuit is needed to achieve this! Therefore, the built-in IC lamp bead is simply an intelligent externally controlled LED light source that integrates a control circuit and a light-emitting circuit.

What are the characteristics of built-in IC lamp beads?

What are the characteristics of built-in IC lamp beads? We can talk about it from its appearance and simple application.

In terms of appearance and size alone, there is no difference between the built-in IC lamp beads and ordinary LED lamp beads. The difference is mainly reflected in the internal components. Inside the IC lamp bead, there will be an integrated circuit (IC) connected to the LED lamp bead. There is a driver in the integrated circuit, which mainly receives the signal frequency and controls the flickering changes of the LED lamp beads. In other words, in appearance, built-in IC lamp beads are not larger or special than ordinary LED lamp beads. The conditions applicable to ordinary LED lamp beads also apply to built-in IC lamp beads!

Ordinary LED lamp beads have many advantages: low voltage drive, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, large scattering angle, good consistency, low power, etc. Under the same conditions, the built-in IC lamp beads integrate the control circuit on the LED, making the circuit simpler. In this way, the final production and installation become easier. In addition, the built-in IC lamp beads have unique Packaging technology makes its lifespan longer. We can see it being used in many places in daily life, especially outdoor and electronic products:

1) Home daily necessities, lamps, holiday decorations, landscape decorations: aromatherapy machines, Bluetooth speakers, pixel light strips, Christmas lights, specially-made colorful light strips, and background lights;

2) To enhance the atmosphere in KTV, stages, bars and other entertainment and leisure places: colorful light strips, colorful Bluetooth speakers, colorful RGB monitors, and wall washers;

3) Contour decoration and indoor lighting for signs, ceilings, bridges, etc.: LED guardrail tubes, fill lights, special-shaped screens, point light sources, intelligent electronics, colorful RGB fans;

4) A series of electronic consumer products such as bumper cars, cars, electric cars, game consoles: computer cases, colorful RGB cases, RGB colorful mice, and car atmosphere.

In general, the advantages of built-in IC lamp beads are more colors, more functions, more convenient use, longer life, more energy saving, and wider use.

It can be said that the built-in IC lamp beads add luster to the LED industry, making modern society "colorful" and becoming a young, diverse and colorful society!

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