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LED Strip Light Photometric Data Download

Below you can download the results of many photometric tests including the testing of each strip. Using a goniophotometer, the LED strip is turned on and the data recorded is able to show us the strip's lumen output, efficacy, LUX diagrams, CCT, CRI, and more.  

- Lumen output - brightness, as perceived by the human eye

- Power consumption / watts consumed

- Efficiency - Number of lumens per watt of electricity

- Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagrams - What angles are the emitted beams of light?

- CRI Color Rendering Index - How similar the light output is to the sun in rendering colors?

Bright Single Color LED Strip Light

2835 60LED 12V 3000K.pdf2835 60LED 12V 4000K.pdf2835 60LED 12V 6000K.pdf
2835 120LED 12V 3000K.pdf2835 120LED 12V 4000K.pdf2835 120LED 12V 6000K.pdf
2835 240LED 24V 3000K.pdf2835 240LED 24V 4000K.pdf2835 240LED 24V 6000K.pdf

High Density COB LED Strip Light

COB 480LED 12V 3000K 4MM 5W.pdfCOB 480LED 12V 4000K 4MM 5W.pdfCOB 480LED 12V 6000K 4MM 5W.pdf
COB 480LED 12V 3000K 8MM 10W.pdfCOB 480LED 12V 4000K 8MM 10W.pdfCOB 480LED 12V 6000K 8MM 10W.pdf
COB 480LED 24V 3000K 10MM 15W.pdfCOB 480LED 24V 4000K 10MM 15W.pdfCOB 480LED 12V 6000K 8MM 10W.pdf


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