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Ways to go around your swimming pool with super long led strip

Views: 1035     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2022-05-21      Origin: LEDODM

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We got the inquiry from our customers, it was like " I need 100 feet/140 feet /160 feet light strips to surround the swimming pool, do you have such products? " What we will provide you is a constant current light strip, which is different from the constant voltage light strip, which usually has a maximum run of 10 meters (at 24v), but the constant current led strip can be powered by a single end to 25m at 24v or even more 50m at 48v. The brightness of the light strip is consistent from the beginning to the end, so we also call it supper long run led strip. In the following, there are two feasible solutions for swimming pool projects to help you understand and refer to.

What is an extruded LED strip?

LED silicone co-extruded light strip is a fully wrapped silicone light strip, which is formed by extrusion of silicone and light strip go through an automatic production line at the same time. It can be made into solid (filled with silicone), hollow (tube-like), or semi-enclosed (IP65 silicone waterproof) shapes. As the LED strip is molded in one step, the end caps are integrated with the strip, providing excellent waterproofing. It can be submerged in water up to 3-4 meters deep without being easily corroded by water. The desired length in one go is available.

1. IP68 Solid Extruded LED Strip + Aluminum Profile

The best linear lighting is characterized by even illumination without dark areas. The participation of aluminum profiles will effectively assist in diffusing the led light to achieve uniform lighting effects.


Product Features



Constant current led strip

IP68 Extrusion fully waterproof


Long run 25m at 24v , 50m at 48v

2-5 years warranty

2700k/3000k/4000k/6500k/RGB/RGB+W color optional

The permissible value of depth of water penetration 3-4m

Aluminum profile, 1m/2m/3m in length, with diffusing PC cover, the surface is finely oxidized

OEM/ODM support

Whenever possible, we will try to conceal the linear lighting to provide indirect illumination, just like in the image below, even if without the aluminum profile, the hidden light will add a unique design element to your swimming pool.

2. IP68 Glue-filled Neon Light

The IP68 glue-filled process is filling the neon led light with glue to achieve an IP68 waterproof rating. Its waterproof performance is only second to IP68 solid extruded LED strips, it resistants to water infiltration where the water depth shouldn't exceed 1.5 meters. With the constant current design, the lengh of IP68 NEON light can be up to 15 meters long without voltage drop for one end connection to power supply.

The milky white 100% pure silicone neon tube provides a diffused light for the LED strip, ensuring a uniform and shadow-free linear lighting effect. The characteristic of neon lights is their ability to bend both horizontally and vertically, allowing for better integration with your design.


Product Features

Flexible neon light

IP68 Glue fully waterproof


Long run, 15m at 24v

2-5 years warranty

2700k/3000k/4000k/6500k/RGB/RGB+W color optional

The permissible value of depth of water penetration 1.5m

OEM/ODM support

Mounting clips/aluminum profile

Calculate the required length and quantity based on specific needs. The following wiring method will help you understand how to achieve a super length connection.

1 Single connection of super long led strip

2Multiple connections of supper long run led strip

If you have relevant leds job to do, please actively discuss with us, we will customize a full set of personalized solutions for you to meet your needs.

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