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COB FOB LED Strip Light

Cob led strip is the chips on the board with cob package, it's the most popular led strip in 2019. 

Why people are willing to pay high cost to buy cob led strip instead of general led strip?

cob fob led strip

Normal SMD LED Strip Light

a. SMD LED is used as a light source for high density led strip light in the market, is limited by the size of the lamp bead package and the illumination angle (about 120°). It is difficult to achieve the true naked eye without spot effect after lighting.

b. The LED chip in the patch lamp has a long heat dissipation path, and needs to be diffused to the bracket pin through the function area of the bracket, and then diffused to the solder paste through the pin, and finally diffused to the substrate, thereby affecting the heat dissipation performance of the led strip.

c. The manufacturing process is complicated and the timeliness is low. It is necessary to package the lamp beads first, and then attach the lamp beads to the lamp substrate.

COB LED Strip Light

a. Good heat dissipation--cob led strip is directly fixed on the lamp strip substrate by using the flip-chip LED wafer, and the heat dissipation path is shortened, and the heat generated by the LED chip is diffused to the substrate through the solder paste, and the same power is the same as the substrate thickness. The heat dissipation effect is better than the conventional spotless lamp strip.

b. More chips and less cost--Since there is no cup, all the light emitted by the wafer is refracted by the curved fluorescent colloid covered by the surface of the wafer and the highly reflective ink coated on the surface of the substrate, thereby achieving a maximum illumination of 180°. In the case of the same continuous illumination, the lamp is The number of LED chips used in the tape is much smaller than the number of lamp beads in the conventional lamp strip.

c.Simple manufacturing proces--removing the lamp-side bead resistor chip process, and directly fixing the LED flip chip and the resistor directly on the substrate through the die bonder, and has high timeliness.

d. High density and continuous illuminating effect--since the size of the flip chip is much smaller than that of the LED lamp bead, a larger number of flip chips can be laid on a substrate of the same length and the same width to achieve a more dense and continuous illuminating effect.

There're always problems when new product came to the market. As it's new and innovative, many factories came to produce it, but only 2-3 factories can produce cob led strip in mass production. Heard from our customers that they're provided some samples of cob fob led strip light, then no reply or very long time production when asking for 100m or 200m led strip. Our factory has been research it for more than 2 years, and we knew the problems clearly when mass production, and we developed three type of cob led strip as below.

Model No. SL-COB-504D SL-COB-512D SL-COB-546D
LED Light Source LED Chip with COB Package 
LED Chip QTY 504Chips/m 512Chips/m 546Chips/m
Voltage 12V 24V 24V
Power 12W 12W 16W
CRI 90
Lumen 800LM/meter 1000LM/meter 1500LM/meter
PCB Thickness 2oz
PCB Width


8mm 10mm
PCB Color White
Beam Angle 180°
Tape 3M 300LSE Tape on the Back
Length per Roll 16.4′ (5M) or 32.8′(10M)
Length of Cuttable 35.7mm 62.5mm 38.45mm
Warranty 3 Years

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