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WS2811 Digital LED Strip Lights

Views: 1215     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2013-03-15      Origin: LEDODM

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In the main lights of the digital led strip, WS2811 full-color light belt occupies a very important position, it is a single point three-control external IC chip light belt, using 12V power supply, simple operation, easy installation, can be used in home decoration, advertising strip, bar KTV stage effect, automotive interior and other fields, It is a popular products by the vast number of users.

There are many features of WS2811 LED strip light. Powered by a low-voltage DC12V power supply, the user is safer when using it. It used of good flexible printed circuit as a lamp-belt substrate, so that it has good conductive properties, fast cooling, bend-resistant and so on, can be arbitrarily bent into a variety of shapes. Can be made into a drip glue waterproof, cover waterproof, casing glue waterproof and other waterproof effect. Make it available for use in most locations.A variety of lighting effects can be programmed through the controller and can be applied to different scenes. WS2811 light emitting various colors with differents lighting modes, it is a high-cost effective flexible led strip lights.

WS2811 IC is different from WS2812B, but the same function as UCS1903 IC, welcome to inquiry us if any question about WS2811 Digital LED Strip Light.

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