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The Ways to Choose LED Strip Light

If there is no light in the world, we can't see anything. And because of the color and brightness of the light, or the different way of irradiation object, The objects we see and the impressions we have on them will be different. we These principles are the same in the living environment. A wide variety of lighting now, and the function and effect are also different, From normally fluorescent lamp to energy saving led strip light etc, how to choose the right lighting?

1) Choosing the right color temperature, the color of the natural light is not same, in the morning, the light will turn red, closer to noon, the light will be more bright and white, in the evening, it starts to turn red and gradually darken. We can refer to our living situations as the natural light changes. As the sun rises and the outside becomes whiter and brighter, we are active. On the contrary, The sun goes down, the light becomes warm, the brightness goes down, we are also beginning to enter a state of gradual relaxation.

2) Choosing the right brightness, the temperature is close to the natural white and will be more comfortable. In the office, pure white color (6000k-6500k) is usually used, if the brightness is less than meet 350lumens, it will feel uncomfortable, which will make people dark and melancholy. In the contrary, the warm white with low bright will be more comfortable, if the brightness is in the range of 80-300Lxand, it will make people feel comfortable, and if the brightness is too high, it will make people heat. We can get conclusion from the above result. In the evening, we use the low brightness led strip light to get comfortable environment.

3) The light with adjustment function are effective for comfortable sleep

4) Choosing high CRI led strip light. Normally the led strip light with the higher CRI has better effect. we recommend over CRI80 In the indoor, which can create the high-end apace as hotel

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