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14*12mm DC 24V Top View LED Neon Flex Light

  • NL-2835-120D1412

  • DC 24V

  • SMD2835

  • 120LEDs/m

  • 10W/m

IP Rating:

14*12mm DC 24V Top View LED Neon Flex Light

top view neon light


LED Neon Flex is a dot-free flexible linear light fixture. Adopted first-class eco-friendly uv-resistant silicone material, our neon light comes with a wide array of features allowing lighting designers and specifiers the ability to select the right light. It is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high performance homogeneous light, ideal for highlighting architectural perimeters and outlines. Top view led neon flex can be vertical bendable, easy to make the vivid neon sign what you want.

Product Features

  • Silicone Material

  • Epistar SMD2835

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • 80+ High CRI

  • Dimmable Brightness

  • IP67 Waterproof

  • Cuttable Length 50mm

Available Colors

vivid neon flex

Available Size

neon light size


  • Home Decorative Lighting

  • Accent Lighting

  • Shop Display Lighting

  • Patio and Garden Lighting

  • Architectural Buidling Lighting

  • Edge Lighting

  • Cove Lighting

  • Letter Lighting

  • Sign Lighting

Why Choose Ledodm's led neon flex?

  • High Lumen LED

    For vivid neon flex, we use the highest lumen led smd2835 with high quality chip, pcb and resistor. Our neon light will dim to 70% pf riginal brightness after 50,000 hours.

  • Extrusion Technology

    After serveral years experience, twice extrusion technology is the best to make sure the led strip inside will not be broken. Transparent material and diffusion material is shaped by machine for twice times, which protects led strip inside. All material is silicone, it will become yellow-ish when under sunshine for serveral years.

  • Professional in LED Strip

    Ledodm is a preferred supplier for led neon flex distributor, international lighting designers, building contractors and renowned architects from all over the world. We concern every development in neon light industry and pay close attention to every innovation, and we want share our knowledge and passion with as many people as possible. Our specialists are here to assist in your project’s development from imagination to realization.

neon ligh comparison

14*12mm DC 24V Top View LED Neon Flex Light

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • Epistar Chip & Hongli LED

  • Golden Wire & Copper Bracket

  • 2oz or 3oz Flexible Double-sided PCB

  • 24V 6LEDs Cuttable 50mm

  • IP67 Waterproof for Outdoor Lighting Project

Model No. LED Type QTY/M Voltage Size Color Temp IP Rating Power/M CRI
NL-2835-120D1412PW SMD2835 120LEDs 24V 14*12mm White IP67 10W 80
NL-2835-120D1412WW SMD2835 120LEDs 24V 14*12mm Warm White IP67 10W 80
NL-2835-120D1412RL SMD2835 120LEDs 24V 14*12mm Red IP67 10W NA
NL-2835-120D1412GL SMD2835 120LEDs 24V 14*12mm Green IP67 10W NA
NL-2835-120D1412BL SMD2835 120LEDs 24V 14*12mm Blue IP67 10W NA
NL-2835-120D1412YL SMD2835 120LEDs 24V 14*12mm Yellow IP67 10W NA

14*12mm DC 24V Top View LED Neon Flex Light

neon flex installation

spare parts for neon flex

Prepare the screws and fixed clips

install neon light

Adjust the fixed clips to the appropriate

place, use a screwdriver to fix the screw

fix the neon flex

Put the light emitting surface upwards, then

insert the LED strip into the fixed clips

Bending Direction

bendable neon flex

Note: please bend it along the cuttable mark, or it will result in broken led strip inside.

14*12mm DC 24V Top View LED Neon Flex Light

 Flex Neon Light FAQ:

  • Q: What is top view neon flex?

    Top view led strip inside towards top and light is at the top. Side view means the light direction of led strip inside, led strip inside towards the left side, but light surface is top side. For all neon flex, you can only bend it along the side of led strip light inside cuttable mark, so there's vertical bendable and horizontal bendable.

  • Q: What is led strip inside?

    Ledodm's led neon light is designed with high brightness smd2835 120leds/m led strip without spot or dot. 

  • Q: Can I ask customized length?

    Yes, we can do customized length for special project.

  • Q: What is extrusion material?

    It's first-class eco-friendly uv-resistant silicone material.

  • Q: Can it be used for outdoor application?

    Yes, it's IP67 wateproof, which can be used for outdoor lighting.

  • Q: What is CRI?

    Color Rendering Index is the refection of the light, when using led strip for lighting, you can see the product under that light. 


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