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Digital LED Strip Light

Views: 4     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2019-07-31      Origin: LEDODM

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LED full color strip light, also known as LED magic strip light, LED digital strip light, pixel strip light, English name: LED pixel strips, the product is flexible FPC (soft strip light) / PCB (rigid strip light) for substrate welding LEDs and peripheral circuits are formed, which can realize chase, running water, magic color, display effects, etc., mainly used for decoration of KTV, hotels, homes, etc. WS2811 full-color light strip uses one IC and three lights, commonly known as "one-for-three". The IC is WS2811, and the lamp beads are 5050RGB lamp beads. The working voltage is 12V DC voltage, and it is equipped with a 12V full-color controller to achieve gradient / jump.



It is more beautiful and more colorful than the traditional single color led strip, More dynamic and "fortune-seeking" than the traditional colorful light bar effect, More concise than traditional full-color strip, the failure rate coefficient. There are three types of waterproof levels, IP65- Epoxy waterproof, IP65-casing waterproof, IP68-pouring waterproof. Professional LED lighting white light: soft / eye protection / no flicker / close to natural light and smart remote-control light color / brightness / switch light / timing. Longevity and durability are advantages of digital led strip light, digital led strip light will save ten times more energy than incandescent lamps, it can be achieved 50000 hours of using time.

Colleague Story

His first impression is colorful when he went to LEDODM's showroom, there are so many colorful Led strip light which decorate the room, and suddenly come into his view is the addressable led strip lights, he was very exciting as he have never seen such beautiful digital led strip light.

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