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What Is Individually Addressable Led Strip

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addressable digital led strip light

Are you thinking of how to choose Individually Addressable Led Strip? Do you know what a Individually Addressable Led Strip is? If not, you are not alone. There are many people who might not know what Individually Addressable Led Strip Lights are. These are Individually Addressable Led Strip Lights are very useful when it comes to lighting up an area.

Today LEDODM Lighting has created a guide for you to choose the right Individually Addressable Led Strip that meets your requirements. Take a look at this guide for how to buy Individually Addressable Led Strip Lights.Let's get started!

What is Individually Addressable LED Strip Light?

The Individually Addressable LED Strip Light, also known as Programmable Addressable LED Strip Lights.

These individually Addressable LED Strip Light are great for landscape lighting, festival decoration lighting, building lighting, channel letters, sign illumination, edge-lit sign, Nightclub/KTV and many more applications.

Why Individually Addressable LED Strip Light are So Popular

The use of LED Lighting has increased rapidly in recent years. There are numerous reason behind this, but the main reason is their versatility and wide range of applications. . Another reason is allow for each individual LED bulb to be controlled separately, making it possible to create a wide range of lighting effects, animations, color changes, and other effects.

Home Lighting

Adding dynamic and customizable lighting to residential spaces, such as under cabinets, behind TVs, or in bedrooms, for mood lighting and ambiance.

Architectural Lighting

Illuminating architectural features like staircases, alcoves, and outdoor facades with color-changing effects.

Entertainment and Gaming

Enhancing gaming setups, home theaters, and entertainment centers with immersive lighting that syncs with on-screen content.

Event and Party Lighting

Creating vibrant and eye-catching lighting displays for parties, weddings, and special events.

Art Installations

Incorporating addressable LED strips into art installations to add movement and interactivity to visual artworks.

Retail Displays

Drawing attention to products and enhancing the shopping experience with dynamic and attention-grabbing lighting in retail settings.

Signage and Branding

Designing eye-catching signs and logos that stand out and can change colors and patterns.

Stage and Performance Lighting

Providing versatile lighting solutions for stages, concerts, and theater productions, allowing for dynamic and synchronized lighting effects.

DIY Projects

Using 12v addressable LED strip in creative DIY projects, including custom lighting fixtures, holiday decorations, and more.

Industrial and Commercial Applications

Employing 5v addressable LED strips for various industrial and commercial uses, such as accent lighting in restaurants, bars, or hotels, as well as in architectural and interior design projects.

Advantages of Individually Addressable LED Strip LIght

addressable LED Strip Light Advantages

Where can I use Individually Addressable Led Strip?

It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it a popular choice for home lighting, commercial installations, architectural lighting, stage and event lighting, signage, and holiday decorations.

How do I install Individually Addressable Led Strip?

The installation process for WS2815 LED strips is very easy! Here are the simple steps to follow:

Decide where you want to install the LED strip and measure the length you need.

Clean the surface where you will attach the strip with a cleaning solution.

Cut the LED strip to the desired length using scissors or a blade (at the designated cut points).

Peel off the adhesive backing and attach the strip to the surface.

Connect the power supply to the LED strip.

Connect the control signal wire from the LED strip to the microcontroller or other programmable device.

Test the installation to ensure it’s working properly.

Secure the wiring with cable ties or other securing devices to prevent any accidental disconnections or damage.

That’s it! With just a few simple steps, you can install your WS2815 LED strip and enjoy a versatile and exciting lighting option for your projects.

Voltage Drop

Voltage drop is a common issue that can occur when wiring LED strip lights.

This occurs when the voltage supplied to the LED strip is not enough to power all of the LEDs evenly, resulting in dimmer or unevenly lit sections of the strip.

To mitigate the impact of voltage drop, it’s recommended to wire LED strips in parallel to the power supply, which helps to distribute power evenly and prevent the end of the strip from appearing dimmer than the beginning.


PWM Amplifier

If you want to control the brightness of your LED strip lights, you can use a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) amplifier.

A PWM amplifier allows you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs by changing the duty cycle of the pulse signal.

This is a simple and effective way to create dynamic lighting effects.

led strip light amplifier

The individually Addressable LED Strip Light IC Types

The individually Addressable LED Strip Light includes WS2811,WS2815,WS2812B,WS2813 IC Types.

1. WS2812B

The WS2812B is one of the most popular and widely used individually addressable LED strip lights. It consists of individually addressable RGB LEDs integrated into a single package. Each LED can be controlled independently, allowing for flexible and precise color control. The WS2812B operates at a 5V voltage and communicates using a single-wire control protocol, making it easy to integrate into various projects.

2. APA102

The APA102, also known as the "DotStar" LED strip, is another widely used individually addressable LED strip light. Compared to the WS2812B, the APA102 has a higher refresh rate and better color reproduction. It uses a two-wire SPI communication protocol, which allows for faster data transmission. Some of the advantages of the APA102 include high brightness, low color distortion, and easy cascading for longer strip lengths.

3. SK6812

The SK6812 is a compatible alternative to the WS2812B. It offers similar features and performance but with a slightly different control signal. The SK6812 uses a three-wire interface, including a data line, a clock line, and a power supply line. This allows for a more stable data transmission and reduced signal degradation over longer distances. The SK6812 can be a suitable choice for those looking for an alternative to the WS2812B or require better signal integrity.

4. WS2813

The WS2813 is an upgraded version of the WS2812B with an added feature of dual-signal wire control. This means that if one LED in the strip fails, the rest of the LEDs will still function correctly, which is a significant advantage in terms of reliability and fault tolerance. The WS2813 has the same voltage and communication protocol as the WS2812B, making it compatible with existing projects using WS2812B LED strips.

5. APA104

The APA104 is another alternative to the WS2812B LED strip. It offers similar features and performance but with a different control signal. The APA104 uses a two-wire SPI communication protocol like the APA102, enabling faster data transmission compared to the WS2812B. Additionally, the APA104 provides higher brightness and better color consistency.

6. LPD8806

The LPD8806 is a unique individually addressable LED strip light that uses a parallel data transmission scheme. It has a four-wire interface, including clock, data, latch, and ground lines. The LPD8806 offers a higher color depth and better control granularity compared to other LED strips. It is commonly used in professional lighting systems where precise color control is essential.

7. UCS1903 (PixelPusher)

The UCS1903 IC is used in the PixelPusher LED controller system. It supports a high data transmission rate, allowing for fast refresh rates and smooth lighting effects. The UCS1903 can be used with various LED strip configurations, including RGB, RGBW, and RGBWW. It is often used in professional lighting installations and stage setups.

8. SK9822

The SK9822 IC is similar to the APA102, but with some improvements. It uses a four-wire communication protocol, which allows for even faster data transfer. The SK9822 supports higher PWM frequencies, resulting in smoother color transitions. It is compatible with the APA102 protocol and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the APA102 IC.

9.WS2812 (NeoPixel)

The WS2812 IC is widely used in individually addressable LED strip lights. It combines a RGB LED and a driver circuit into a single package. This IC uses a one-wire communication protocol, which makes it easy to control large numbers of LEDs using just a few pins on a microcontroller. WS2812 ICs are known for their vibrant colors and smooth fading effects.

10. WS2815

WS2815 LED strip light is a type of addressable LED strip that uses the WS2815 chip, which is an improved version of the popular WS2812B chip.

Item WS2811 LED strip WS2812 LED strip WS2813 LED strip WS2815 LED strip
Chip Size 5050/2835/3535 5050/3535/2020 5050 5050
IC External IC Built-in IC Built-in IC Built-in IC
Voltage DC5V/DC12V/DC24V DC5V DC5V DC12V
Color RGB/White/ Dual white RGB RGB/RGBW RGB
Break continues No No Yes Yes
Voltage drop Low High High Low
Reset time 250us 280us 250us 280us
Frequency 800Hz/s 400Hz/s 2000Hz/s 4000Hz/s
LED per meter 30/60/72/96/102/204 30/60/72/96/144 30/60/96/144 30/60/72/96/144
Output channel 3 3 4 4
Wires Positive + Negative
 +Single Data line
Positive + Negative
 +Single Data line
Positive + Negative
 +Dual Data line
Positive + Negative
 +Dual Data line
Price Low(+) Middle(++) High(++++) High(+++)

WS2815 vs WS2812B



WS2815 and WS2812B are both individually addressable LED strip lights, but they differ in terms of their structure and voltage requirements. WS2815 operates at 12V, making it more suitable for longer runs and minimizing voltage drop issues. On the other hand, WS2812B operates at 5V and is commonly used for smaller installations. If you have a larger project or require longer runs, WS2815 is the recommended choice due to its higher voltage capability.

WS2813 vs WS2814 vs WS2815, What’s the difference?

First, let’s take a quick look at the comparison chart to understand their differences and similarities.

Compare Table: WS2813 vs WS2814 vs WS2815 LED Strip

Item WS2813 LED Strip WS2814 LED Strip WS2815 LED Strip
IC Type WS2813 built-in IC WS2814 external IC WS2815 built-in IC
PIN Configuration 6 pin 12 pin 6 pin
Strip Voltage DC5V DC5-24V DC12V
Voltage Drop High DC5V:High;
DC12V: Middle;
DC24V: Low
Individual Control Yes DC5V: Yes; DC12V/24V: Yes Yes
Refresh Rate 2KHz 2KHz 2KHz
Data Transmission Speed 800Kbps 800Kbps 800Kbps
Gray Level 256 256 256
Signal Transmission Distance 5M 5M 5M
Dual-signal Wire Yes Yes Yes
Break-point Continue Yes Yes Yes

Advantages of Using WS2815 LED Strip

The WS2815 LED strip offers numerous advantages, making it a preferred choice for lighting enthusiasts and professionals seeking high-quality, customizable lighting solutions.

Versatile Individual Addressability

One of the significant advantages of the WS2815 LED strip is its individual addressability feature. Each LED on the strip can be controlled independently, allowing for precise customization of colors, brightness levels, and effects. This versatility enables the creation of captivating lighting displays with intricate patterns, flowing animations, and dynamic color transitions. Whether it’s for decorative purposes, artistic installations, or stage performances, the individual addressability of WS2815 LED strips empowers users to bring their creative visions to life.

Breakpoint Resume Transmission

The WS2815 LED strip has a breakpoint resume function, which significantly enhances the reliability of the lighting system. In the event of an LED failure or damage, the dual data feature ensures that the data signal can bypass the faulty LED and continue transmitting to the rest of the strip.

Easy Installation and Integration

WS2815 LED strips are designed for easy installation and integration into lighting setups. They typically come with adhesive backing, allowing for effortless mounting on various surfaces. The inclusion of solder pads or connectors simplifies the wiring process, making it convenient to connect multiple strips together or integrate them with compatible controllers.

Seamless Color Mixing and High Color Accuracy

The WS2815 LED strip ensures seamless color mixing capabilities, allowing for precise control over the color output. Each LED on the strip contains red, green, and blue (RGB) diodes that can be individually adjusted to create a wide spectrum of colors.

Wide Range of Applications

The WS2815 LED strip finds applications in various lighting projects due to its versatility and advanced features. It is well-suited for both indoor and outdoor environments, making it a popular choice for home lighting, commercial installations, architectural lighting, stage and event lighting, signage, and holiday decorations.

Where to Buy Individually Addressable LED Strip Light?

Individually Addressable LED Strip Light can be purchased from hardware stores, lighting specialty stores, or online retailers. It’s important to buy from reputable vendors and check compatibility with your existing fixtures and the desired lighting application.

How Often Do Individually Addressable LED Strip Light Go Out?

Individually Addressable LED Strip Light have a long lifespan, typically lasting between 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Their longevity means they don’t go out often, but this can depend on the quality of the Addressable LED Strip Light and the conditions in which it’s used.

How To Find A Individually Addressable LED Strip Light Manufacturer

Finding a quality Individually Addressable LED Strip Light manufacturer requires some careful research and screening.

Market Research: Before you start your search, conduct market research on the Individually Addressable LED Strip Light industry to learn about current trends, major manufacturers, and product features.

Online search and B2B platform: Use a search engine or B2B platform to search for keywords such as “Individually Addressable LED Strip Light manufacturers”, browse the search results, and filter out reputable manufacturers.

Brand Reputation: Look for manufacturers that have a good reputation and visibility in the industry. Their reputation can be assessed through customer testimonials, professional evaluations, and media coverage.

Reference recommendations: Ask peers, professionals, friends, or people in the industry if they have any recommendations for quality manufacturers.

Product quality and certification: Pay attention to the manufacturer's product quality and whether it has relevant certifications, such as CE, RoHS, etc.

Product range: Make sure the product range provided by the selected manufacturer matches your needs, including different styles, functions and applicable scenarios.

Customization capabilities: If you need to customize a product, check to see if the manufacturer offers customization options.

Production process: Understand the manufacturer's production process, including raw material selection, production processes and quality control measures.

Sample Testing: Request samples for testing to verify product quality and performance meet your expectations.

Customer support and service: Find out if the manufacturer provides good customer support and after-sales service to ensure you are supported during use.

Price comparison: Not only focus on price, but also consider cost-effectiveness. A lower price may mean quality issues.

Factory tour: If possible, arrange an on-site visit to the manufacturer's factory to learn about its production environment and processes.

Communication: Communicate with manufacturers, ask questions, and understand their response speed and communication skills.

By comprehensively considering the above factors, you can find a suitable and Individually Addressable LED Strip Light manufacturer to ensure that you receive satisfactory products and services.

Why Choose LEDODM Lighting For Quality Digital LED Strip

LEDODM Lighting is a trusted brand in the LED lighting industry, known for their high-quality digital LED strips. We offer kinds of high-quality programmable LED strips, including the WS2815 LED strip, WS2812 LED strip, SK6812 LED strip, and DMX LED strip to meet the needs of various lighting applications.

(1) Quality Materials: LEDODM Lighting uses high-quality materials in their LED strips, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

(2) Customizable Options: LEDODM Lighting offers a wide range of customizable options, including color, brightness, and length. This allows you to create the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs.

(3) Affordable Pricing: Despite their high quality, LEDODM Lighting LED strips are priced affordably, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

(4) Excellent Customer Service: LEDODM Lighting provides excellent customer service, ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products and providing support when needed.

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