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The introduction of the neon lights

Views: 2783     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2016-03-04      Origin: LEDODM

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1. Introduction


Led Neon Flex is a dot-free flexible linear light. Adopted first-class eco-friendly UV-resistant silicone material, our neon light comes with a wide array of features. It is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high performance uniform light and flexible. ideal for highlighting architectural perimeters and outlines. Side view neon led flex can be horizontal bendable, easy to make the vivid neon sign what you want. And because of the flexibility and some small size of led neon light, it can be used to make various shapes of sign. LED neon light greatly decorate the city and people’s lives, and brings new designs and possibilities to people’s lives.

2. Components


a. LED Silicone Tube. 100% pure silicone, anti-yellowing and heat resisting, chemical

resistance to acid and alkaline, available for extremely terrible outdoor environment.

b. LED Chip. We choose branded chip with good quality, such as: SANAN, EPISTAR,


c. PCB Material. We choose 3oz PCB, which have good heat dissipation and better lumen maintenance performance maintenance.

d. Flexibility. Excellent flexibility to shape optionally.

e. LED Dot free. It has a high transparency, shine a uniform and soft luminance, no light spot.

f. Waterproof Grade. High-grade silicone tube can meet IP68 waterproof protection grade, and it will not become yellow in 5 years.

g. DIY Cutting. There are clearly visible cutable lines on the back, which can be cut freely as you want according to the sign.

3. Packaging

LED neon light is packed in an anti-static bag with 5m/Roll, it includes led strip light inside, silicone tube, silicone end cap ( 1 cap with hole & 1 cap without hole in package ).

(plastic clip, aluminum profile or flexible profile is optional).


4. The difference between top view and side view.

As you see the following picture, besides the bend angle. nothing is not same.


NOTICES: Different size has different requirements of bending diameters . Detailed details, please contact our sales.

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