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Neon Light Walls

Views: 24     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2014-09-30      Origin: LEDODM

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Neon lights are hot this year. it’s famous for it’s flexibility and practicality. You can create any shapes that you want. It’s also good for suspending and install into the wall design.

This time, we would like to share some amazing designs of this item for your reference.

1)W04*H10mm Neon lights

neon light wall

neon lights wall

neon light

Neon sign wall made of neon light with 4mm width, the characteristic of this product is that is very narrow, thinner, Good for creating variety shapes.


2)Neon lights walls, W16*H16mm series

flexible neon light

This design uses 16mm width neon lights into wall. as you see, it’s simple, stylish, flexible and changeable, Can replace the flexibility that linear lamps can't achieve. Very good for indoor and outdoor building application.

Nowadays, many suppliers on the market make this item. How do we distinguish the quality?


1)Checking the materials of the neon tube

Normally there are silicone and PVC material in the market. we recommend 100% pure silicone materials if your budget is enough. Anti-yellow and crack. As PVC material is easy to turn yellow when using for a short time.

2)Check the material of inside the lights

Chip: Choosing branded chips with good quality, performance ensure. Such as EPISTAR, SUMSUGN and SANAN etc are good options.

PCB: Recommended double layer---copper and the thickness of FPCB at least 2 ounces. Good for heat dissipation.

More sizes for reference:

neon sign


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