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Neon Light Create Different Styles

Nowadays, the combination of neon lights and art is getting closer. It is round our life and you can see it at everywhere. Such as, the street, restaurant, hotel, super market, sign etc.  

In the construction industry, neon strip make the building colorful and magical. People’s attention has been completely attracted. Moreover, it’s soft materials and can make easier any shape you want. 

led neon light

Recommended color: led neon strip 3000k, neon lights 5000k, cold white ip68 neon

In the interior design, it creates the effective of light, shadow and space, which is completely beyond the meaning of neon light itself and realizes the combination of function and art

neon light wall art design

led neon sign

Recommended: Top neon

More neon light letters designs:

neon letters

Recommended series: led neon flex 24v 8*16mm, neon flex 6*12, rgb 6mm 8mm 12v 24v.


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