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Views: 3     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2013-09-04      Origin: LEDODM

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LED flexible neon light is a very beautiful lighting decoration product with uniform color and no led dots. It can be bent and cut arbitrarily, customers can make any patterns according to their needs. In addition, we use 100% pure silicone materials, anti-yellowing and heat resisting, chemical resistance acid and alkaline, available for extremely terrible outdoor environment. Compared with glass neon tubes, flexible neon tubes have the following advantages:

1. The investment of traditional glass neon lights is large, the manufacturing process is complicated, and there are many inconveniences in high-voltage electricity and inert gas. Flexible neon lights use a new structure and LED technology. It overcomes the defects that the glass neon light is easy to break, not easy to transport, has high manufacturing cost, and needs special personnel for installation and maintenance.

2. The traditional neon lights can only work at normal temperature, the voltage must be increased during use, the power consumption is also large and the service life is short. The led of flex led light is a cold light source, the working voltage is 5V/12V/24V, which only emits low heat, we adopt super brightness large chip, golden wire welded and copper led holder for quicker heat dissipation, higher stability, longer life span.

3. Energy saving, Flex neon light cgy an save more than 70% of the energy consumption cost of enerconsumption.

4. Various sizes for choice, suitable for various application. For example, 4*10mm, 6*12mm, 8*15mm, 8*16mm, 16*16mm etc. LEDODM offer any dimension that you need.

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