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LED Flexible Neon Light Comparison

The history of neon light

Neon lights born in 1989 years, mainly inject a rare gas (neon) into vacuum glass tube. Then the metal electrodes enclosed in both ends of the glass tube are connected to a high-voltage power supply, which will fire up the neon in the tube to make the luminous effect. So, it was named neon light.

Development Process

With the development of LED semiconductor technology, LED NEON LIGHT have gradually replaced the Traditional glass neon lights with their advantages of high light efficiency, low energy consumption, stable preference etc. The material has also changed from the glass tube to the silicone material, which will be easier for installation and transportation.

Comparison of PVC and silicone materials

PVC Materials: Temperature resistance is about -15℃-80℃, the stability of light and heat are poor. It will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride after long-term sunlight exposure. And then turn yellow, hardening, cracking etc issues. It’s not suitable for places that are particularly damp and corroded by acids, alkalis and salts. In addition, the burning of PVC will produce the toxic gases.

Silicone Materials: Excellent flexibility and can make any shape you want. Anti-yellowing and heat resisting silicon glue, chemical resistance acid and alkaline, available for extremely terrible outdoor environment (-50℃-150℃).

Measured from multiple sources, in the future silicone materials neon light will occupy a dominant position with their outstanding comprehensive performance.

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