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Flexible LED Strip Lights

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Led light bar also named led strip light, which is a lighting products of the LED series. Now its widely used in furniture, car, advertising, boat, construction field etc.

LED Type Optional: SMD5050, SMD3528, SMD2835, SMD5630, SMD5730, SMD 2110, SMD 3014, SMD 3838 etc.

Voltage Optional: DC5V, 12V, 24V

Color Temp: 2700K-3200K, 3000K-3500K Warm White, 4000K-4500K Natural White, 6000K-6500K Cool White, 7000K-8000K, 8000K-10000K, 10000K-12000K Cold White. Red, Green, RGB, RGBW, WW+PW 2 in 1, Addressable & DMX etc.

Beam Angle: All beam angles of SMD on led strip light are 120 degree.

Lumen: LEDODM can offer 3000lumen+/meter led strip 


1)LED with cold light source, lower heat and won’t generate heat radiation to the displayed goods.

2)Green environmental protection lighting source, no harmful ultraviolet light

3)Low loss and efficient power saving.

4)LED with 50000 Hours lifetime, Long life time using.

5)Low voltage working. Safer for humans


1)Flexible and easy to make patterns and words for decoration

2)Smaller cutting size. 5V, 1cm with a cutting mark. 12V, 2.5cm with a cutting mark. 24V, 5cm with a cutting mark at least. 

3)Anti-UV, waterproof protection. Excellent for indoor and outdoor using.

4)Varied color for choice and support dimming

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