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Birth of the LED Lighting Products

In ancient times, the people start to research how to improve the lighting. At the beginning, one develop the torch, but there are many problems, firstly, you have to hold it in your hand or put the burning head down and tilt it, otherwise it will go out. Secondly, the torch cannot continue to burn. One day, when people make barbecues on the fire, the oil on the barbecue falls on the fire. It is found that the fire can be burned for a longer time, so the oil lamp is produced. Whether it is torch or burning animal and vegetable oil, kerosene, or gas, This type of lighting has a common feature - using fire

In the concept of people at that time, the use of fire lighting seems to have become a matter of course. Although many inventors have worked hard. But it always can't afford two fatal weaknesses: polluting the air and easily catching fire

It is well known that without oxygen, people will not be able to survive. This also reminds us of the light, the light does not breathe? Everything that uses fire is breathing, consuming oxygen and producing carbon dioxide. Without oxygen, there is no burning light. You may want to know the amount of breathing of the light. Just saying: A kerosene lamp that emits 25pcs of candle lights consumes about 25 pounds of fresh air per night. At the same time, one only needs to breathe 3 kg of fresh air. If many people gather around the kerosene lamp, the room is poorly ventilated. After a long time, people will feel depressed, have a headache, and even dead.

As for the fire that is easy to catch fire, it is very clear. For example, accidentally knocking over the candle can easily cause a fire disaster.

Until one day, the messenger of light was born, and that was Edison, for which he made a lot of effort. With the advancement of current science, lights are not only used for lighting. Good products in terms of lighting quality, high efficiency, long life and energy saving lighting are good products. Just like LEDODM Lighting, who specializing in the production of light strips, neon lights, hard light strips, always offer best quality to everyone.

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