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Battery Operated LED Strip Light

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Battery operated led strip light is powered by batteries, and it does not need power supply and plug, convenient to use everywhere. Led type can be any one of 5050, 3528, 2835, and color can be offered as white, warm white, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and other single light.

If you need single color battery operated led strip, 2835 is recommended with high lumen, there's two solution for end connector. 1. red and black wire and directly connected with battery box; 2. DC female connector at the end of led strip, and it can be connected with male connector of battery pack.

If you need rgb battery operated led strip light, 5050 is recommended with changeable color. 3key mini controller can be added on the end wire, or you can choose RF remote controller.

There's on/off button on the battery box, you can turn on or turn off battery operated led strip lights, and its volatge is 5v, powered by 4pcs AA batteries. 5V led strip can be cut one led by one led, easy to make customized length.

battery operated led strip

Ledodm Lighting founded in 2008, is a professional led strip light manufacturer. Our products includes a full range if led strips, 5050, 2835, 3528, 5630, 3014, 2216, 3535, 4040, 3838, 2110 with single color, double color, rgb, rgbw, rgb+cct, uv light and all color temperature. High efficiency led strip 140-160lm/W, high cri strip lights, thin pcb width led strips, s shape bendable led strip, super length strip light and side emitting led strip are all available. We focus on led tape light research, solution, and production, and new innovation led strip is updating developed every month.

● CE RoHS FCC ETL All Approved 

● Single Bin LED and 3 Step Available

● Brand LED & Chip----Sanan/Epistar Chip

● Double-sided PCB----2oz/3oz flexible pcb

● Quality Assurance----3/5 years warranty

● OEM/ODM Available for any Strip

● 10 Years Experience in LED Industry

If you're interested in battery operated led strip lights, contact us now!

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