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360 Degree LED Neon Flex / 360 Neon Flex

Views: 191     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2015-01-06      Origin: LEDODM

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Neon lights are the best product to decorate the interior space. Mainly series are top view, side view, mini view and round neon flex series. It is very suitable for use in various places or into various shapes you want. Such as curved window contours, ceiling shapes, wall art decoration etc.

This time, we would like to share with you guys some applications of 360 neon flex. Sometimes, we also named it round neon flex. The most advantage of Neon 360 can support 360 degree luminescence. From any angle, the light is perfect.

round neon light


Round neon flex are displayed in the form of lines. Looks simple and the whole space is full of sense of technology.

led neon lightled neon signflex neon light

Item from this application: 360 degree led neon flex

In addition to increasing the design sense of the space, we can also bend the neon lights into various letter and pattern designs etc to express the theme of the space.

led neon light360 neon flex

Also support used in outdoor, indoor and underwater applications.

Our main material is pure silicone, which has good thermal stability and excellent UV resistance. Available for extremely terrible outdoor environment -45℃-60℃. No yellowing, cracking within 5 years.

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