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16*16 Flexible Neon Light

Flexible neon strip light 16*16, which can be bended sideways and snake shape recessed into the wall. and top face light also are available. Excellent for building decoration, Art decoration, office, home, Supermarket, Aisle space scene application etc.


The following shows the 16*16 side view led neon strip and ip68 neon flex top bend.


As you see, the lighting effective of neon light is similar to linear lights. But, the biggest difference is that the materials of neon light adopt the flexible silicone, then put the led strip in the neon tube, which can be bent arbitrarily, DIY cutting and easier installation. Linear lights use aluminum materials with better heat dissipation. It’s also easy to install it. But it can’t be bendable freely.


Note: 16*16 this series we have side view and top view for choice, The top view means that you can be vertical bending, and the side view means that you can be horizontal bending. Both of them the waterproof grade can meet IP68 waterproof. We adopt food-grade environmental protection silicone. Anti-UV, chemical resistant. Widely used for indoor and outdoor, Also very suitable for harsh special environments (-45-60°)


Beside this series, We also provide a variety of color temperature options, multiple materials, multiple specifications, lengths and even multiple powers to meet different spaces, scenes, and lighting needs.

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