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Introduction of Side-Emitting led strip

Views: 1013     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2018-03-23      Origin: LEDODM

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1. What is Side-Emitting led strip

2. Specification of Side-Emitting led strip

3. Application of Side-Emitting led strip

1. There are various series of LED strip lights, and the common models are 5050 and 2835. Now we are going to talk about side-emitting led strips, which people only know a little bit about it.The biggest difference between the side-emitting led strip and the common seen LED light strip is that the LEDs of side-emitting led strip is perpendicular to the PCB board, so its light source emits light to the side. The LEDs of normal led strips are parallel to the PCB, so the light source is front-facing. The difference between the two is shown in the figure below.

2.The following two are ledodm side-emitting led strips. We currently use 3014 led chip,led density has 60leds/m and 120leds/m optional.

Please check the main details:

Product features:

a. Brand Sanan, Epistar led chip

b. Brand 3M adhesive tape

c. 3-5 years warranty

d. High CRI: 80+, 90+

e. Fully dimmable

f. Single Bin led

According to the different needs of customers, we will also provide corresponding customized services. Such as the brand led chips, voltage, wattage,led density, color temperature and so on. The color temperature is not limited to single color, red, green, blue, white, warm white, pink, purple.RGB,RGBW,addressable rgb can also be customized. At the same time, it can also be waterproof IP66, IP68.

3.The application of side-emitting led light strips is not as widely used as conventional 2835, 3528, and 5050 led light strips, but because of its special emit light angle, it also has its special usage scenarios. For example, it is generally suitable for light boxes with narrow installation positions, shoes Cabinets, wine cabinets, jewelry counters, hidden ceiling compartments, closets, car chassis, side projections for displayed products, etc., the following pictures are for yournce. refere

The above is the introduction of Side-Emitting led light strips. If you have a need in this regard, please feel free to contact us to provide you with professional solutions.

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