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What is the led strip addressable/digital led strip?

Led strip addressable also named digital led strip, colorful led strip, dream color led strip etc, which adopt constant current IC control to control the LED on the FPCB, can meet chase, water flow, dynamic & static picture display etc.  And the waterproof grade can reach out IP68. Good for any environments, such as indoor and rainy outdoor etc.


IC type optional: WS2811,USC1903,WS2818,TM1914,WS2812B,SK6812,WS2813,P943,WS2815, CS8812, DMX512 etc.


Connection method: controller is SPI control method. it is based on the maximum pixel of the controller, then correspond the pixel of the led strip to make sure dream effect into true via controller. But, firstly we need to format the SD card, then copy the edited mode from computer into SD card. Then insert into the controller.


Signal method is SPI (Clock/Data). Different controllers have the different control distance and the quantity of the pixel control is also different.  Maximum support  8192 pixel control. It is widely used in lighting projects to outline the outlines of buildings, towers, bridges, park squares, etc.


Next chapter, we will show you what’s the different between these IC.

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