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Small talk of the light

Views: 3000     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2016-01-01      Origin: LEDODM

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Light is common in our daily life. Sometimes we may be losing sight of its function and importance, especially when we get accustomed to them. In fact, if we study it carefully, we will find that there are many interested things.


The purpose is to provide brightness to people at first, but now it’s purposechanged. because nowadays 

people tend to pursue more high life quality.

Both the normal life use and the commercial lighting and decoration will use different kinds of lamps. Besides, the 
application of led also reflects in some details of life, such as medical lamp, electronicsign, car light etc.

When night comes, you will find that the city full of different light, which make this city more beautiful.


In these lights, I am interested in led strips in the building of different countries. Different types of LED light will emit different colors. For example, in the countryside, there are many lamps that emit green light. This kind of lamp is always mercury lamp, which have cheap cost. The green light in the nights will make people feel scared.


On the contrary, the lights in the country are always warm white light or yellow light, make the city feel very warm. Sometimes you could feel the exhausted body and mind are cured by this kind of soft light. Nowadays, more and more countries take white leds as the type of lighting, because of the high-efficiency and energy conservation. Therefore, when we observe the night view graph of different countries, we can conclude some conclusions. Taking Shanghai for example, it seems look like the warm white on the whole. But in the edge of country, these areas are looks green. Because these areas are old neighborhood, where use the cheap mercury lamps. We can conclude the development degree of different countries through their color of lamps.



Nowadays, more and more countries are adopting LED lights. But it also brings up a problem -light pollution. As our modern urban construction developing, city LED light pollution has increasingly draw people concern and attention.


Light pollution widely refers to the all kinds of light which influence the nature environment and people badly, especially influence people’s normal life, working, relaxion, entertainment. Besides, it also includes the lights that damage to people’s ability of observation items and body health. Light pollution will make people feel uncomfortable. In daily life, the common light pollution is the light reflected by the building surface. This kind of light pollution may make passerby and drivers feel dizzy.


Light plays an importance role in the city life. Realizing the function of illumination was once the goal of city light. But nowadays, with the development of economy and the progress of urban construction, people’s concept has changed. We should build personalized artistic light construction and avoid the light pollution as possible. The high-quality light not only can give people the experience of excellent vision but also can better reflect the cultural of the city, shape the beautiful image of the city, and inject new vitality into the city at night. And all of these requirements, only LED can make it happen. As the LED light source is converted from electric energy into light energy, there are no environmental pollutants such as mercury and lead.

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