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In our life, we can see that many shops use LED luminous characters (such as mini luminous characters, resin luminous characters) as shop tips. Early production of LED luminous characters generally used LED modules or LED flexible light bars. Both of these LED products can solve the light display of luminous characters, but there are shortcomings.

The installation of LED modules in large fonts is relatively labor-intensive, resulting in high construction costs. The LED flexible light strip comes with 3M glue. You can peel off the protective film of the adhesive tape to stick to the application place. It is more convenient to install, but it must be folded in half when it is bent, which easily damages the circuit. Product development is based on market demand. New technology will replace the original product, and S-shaped flexible light strips have emerged as the times require. S-shaped flexible light strip is a derivative of LED flexible light strip. It uses SMDLED as the light emitter, which is mainly composed of circuit boards, lamp beads, resistors, leads, and adhesive.

When we are walking on the street or through the shopping mall, S-shaped light bars are actually everywhere, and S-shaped light bars are used in almost all shop signs. Nowadays, many people may look at which store ’s signboards are more attractive, then they may go into that store. People now are really focused on beauty, so if you want to your own store’s signboard that looks better than others, please do not hesitate to contact LEDODM, we will fix all your problems at any time.

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