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How to distinguish the quality of led strip lighting?

Views: 14     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2013-07-27      Origin: LEDODM

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Nowadays, the led strip is very popular, it can be used not only as main lighting, but also as decoration. Because of this multiple color and excellent for variours environments. In oder that new in this field. Avoid new losses, LEDODM  lighting has some tips for everyone

1 ) Checking the components of the LED

 Cree, NICHIA, Epistar and Samsung Chip etc with good reputation in led field. how to recognize if you brought the real brand? firstly, test report. Seconedly, the price. if the unit price is lower than cost of raw material. You should pay attention on it.

 With the devolopment of technology, some brand also good. such as Sanan chip, which has a excellent performance with competitive price. recommend to choose according to your requirements.

2) Checking the Glue. Common types are silicone, PU, Epoxy and PVC. Detailed details as follows:

  PVC----It must be improvement. Can’t be used alone.  can add different additive according to real requirement. adding suitable plasticizer in the PVC resin can make different hardness,softness and transparent item. PVC also has better electrical insulation performance, for  Flexible led strip PVC contain softener, Eventhough, its has good flexibility and cheaper, but it is easy to turn yellow and crack . Poor stablity to light and heat.

Both of the Epoxy Glue and PU Glue  are two-component, the equipment and operating methods are the same. but there still have some differents between two.

PU----It has good adhesion fastness, weather resistance, insulation, and low flexibility,and does not crack at high temperatures, the price is a bit expensive than Epoxy.

Epoxy----Higher hardness than PU, good impact resistance, but easy to yellow and crack, not suitable for outdoor,

Silicone Waterproof----Excellent weather resistance, insulation, instlation and flexible etc. Good for indoor and outdoor and under water. it won't turn yellow and crack when used for a long time. non-toxic.

3)Checking the quality of FPC

2/3 Ounces Doublu-Layer Coopper PCB has good heat dissapation and long lifetime ensure.

According to the above description, 50% of the quality can be guaranteed. Then choose a reliable supplier that can ensure 99% safety.

Welcome to contact our sales if you have any assistance.  LEDODM lighting offer 1-stop service to everyone.

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