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History of Light Sources

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The best light source for illumination is sunlight. The sun provides light in the visible spectrum, which has been familiar to human eyes for thousands of years. Human has experienced a long historical process of manufacturing and using animal oil lamps, vegetable oil lamps, kerosene lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LEDs since drilling wood for fire. The lighting fixture is a kind of history and a unique culture. It contains the history of human civilization development and embodies the deep cultural accumulation and cultural heritage of human beings. From the invention of electric lights by Edison in 1879 to the birth of the first red LED in 1969, and then blue LED light and white LED light

The light source can be divided into two types which are natural light source and artificial light source. Natural light comes from visible light existing in nature, such as sunlight, fire, and lightning flashes, is usually generated by high temperature and has a wide spectral range. Artificial light is the light produced by artificially designed instruments and equipment, such as the light of a fluorescent lamp and a laser.

The artificial light source can be traced back to 1800. British physicist used a volt battery to connect a section of fine carbon wire, which caused it to emit a faint arc light. However, the first electric light bulb was born in 1860 by Wilson Swan, he used carbon fiber to invent it. A few more years later, the famous American inventor Thomas Edison improved the vacuum carbon filament lamp in 1879. After repeated tests, Edison later made electric filaments from carbonized bamboo filaments. This lamp can be used for more than half a year. So many children know that their desk lamp which they used was invented by Mr. Edison.

The natural light sources are divided into two categories, one is a thermal effect light source, and the other is a bioenergy light source. marine luminous organisms are the light produced by life in the deep sea through its own biological energy and biological tissues, although this light is small, it is also a form of light.

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