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High Voltage LED Strip v.s. Low Voltage LED Strip

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Cutting Method: Normally high voltage led strip light 110v 0.5m has cutting mark. 220v, each 1meter with a cutting mark.

Low voltage 5V Led strip, Smallest 1cm with a cutting mark. 12 led strip, smallest 1.25cm with a cutting mark. 24V Led strip, each 2.5cm with cutting mark.

Performance: High Voltage led strip conect the AC directly, Heat will be higher, then caused lifetime shorten and light decay serious.about 10000 hours lifetime

Low voltage performance is stable, life can reach 50,000 hours, no flicker, low light decay

Safety: High voltage is dangerous, and there will have safety risks in the some risky applications. Low voltages series is DC output, which is a safe voltage and can be used in various occasions without any danger to the human body.  we can even touch it

Installation:  The installation of high-voltage LED light strip is relatively simple. 1pcs power supply can take 30~50 meters of LED flexible lighting .  Generally,  the factory will be configured,then we can connected it to AC220V Directly. The cost is lower. The low-voltage light strip needs to be installed with a DC power supply. Such as, the power of a 1 meter, 60leds/m 5050 light strip is about 11 to 14W, which means that per meter led strip needs at least 15W power supply to change voltage. The installation is relatively complicated and the cost will be a bit high

High voltag led bar and low voltage LED strips have their own advantages and disadvantages, and users can make choices based on the above tips .

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