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Hand Wave Activated LED Strip Lights

Design with a sensitive IR sensor, hand wave activated led strip lights is very popular in the market. It’s simple and fun! Great for busy days in the Kitchen. No pesky remote control that gets dirty and bothers you while you work. You can turn on and turn off the led strip without touching any controller button. 

The Sensitive IR Sensor of our Under Cabinet Lights turn ON/OFF with a simple wave. In below photo, it's pure white 5v usb led strip light controlled by hand wave. Also you can choose other single color, warm white, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc.

Hand Wave Activated Strip Lights

How to Use Hand Wave Strip Light

When it's on, wave yourhand under the sensor to turn it on; When it's off, wave your hand under the sensor to turn it off. When it’s on, put your hand under the sensor for more than one second to dim, 0-100% brightness dimmable.

How to Install Hand Wave Strip Light

a. Clean the surface of the led strip mounting position

b. Tear up the 3M tape on the backside of the led strip

c. Stick the light strips on the installation position

d. Connect the sensor with led strips and adaptor

Ledodm lighting can offer solution of hand wave activated led strip lights, welcome to inquiry any led strip you requested.

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