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2835 LED Strip Light

Views: 6     Author: LEDODM     Publish Time: 2013-02-12      Origin: LEDODM

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High quality and highly efficient led strips are very popular in led lighting market, most of them are using smd2835 led. Especially for led strip lights, nowadays smd2835 led strip is widely used instead of smd3528 led strip. Let’s see why people choose smd2835 led strip. There’re many advantages as below.

1.Compact size as smd3528, and smaller than smd5050

2.High brightness 24lm/led much brighter than smd3528 7lm/led

3.Competitive price than smd3528 led strip lights

4.Full color from 2200K to 15000K for options

5.Can be used for led linear lighting

Ledodm Lighting is willing to offer you high quality2835 LED Strips in different lengths with high quality, and you can get customized length which depends on your requirements. LED guide and data sheet are also provided to you so that you can get them installed and attached easily. Welcome to contact us!


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