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Programmable Addressable 12V 24V RGB 630LEDs/m COB FOB WS2811 Pixel LED Digital Strip

  • SL-COB-630SM16703

  • COB

  • 630Chips/m

PCB Width:
IP Rating:

Programmable Addressable 12V 24V RGB 630LEDs/m COB FOB WS2811 Pixel LED Digital Strip 


Illuminate your space with vibrant colors and unparalleled brightness using our Multicolor COB LED Strip. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, this advanced lighting solution provides a seamless and continuous line of light, eliminating dark spots and offering superior color consistency.

Capable of displaying a wide range of colors, including dynamic color-changing effects, our COB LED strip brings your environment to life, perfect for creating mood lighting or highlighting architectural features.

Available Type

Model No. SL-COB-630SM16703 SL-COB-720SPI2811 SL-COB-160SPI2812 SL-COB-240SPI2812 SL-COB-320SPI2812
LED Light Source LED Chip with COB Package 
LED Chip QTY 630Chips/m 720Chips/m 160Chips/m 240Chips/m 320Chips/m
Voltage 12V/24V 12V/24V 5V 5V 5V
Power 10W(12V)/14W(24V) 12W
12W 18W 24W
Color RGB





160/M 240/M 320/M
PCB Thickness 2oz Double-sided FPCB
PCB Width 12mm 10mm 5mm 5mm/10mm 10mm
IC Type SM16703 WS2811 WS2812 WS2812 WS2812
Beam Angle 180°
Tape 3M 300LSE Tape on the Back
Length per Roll 16.4′ (5M) or 32.8′(10M)
Length of Cuttable 71.42mm/100mm 50mm/100mm 12.5mm 12.5mm 15.63mm

Product features:

          Individually Addressable LEDs:

      • Description: Each LED segment on the strip can be individually controlled, allowing for unique patterns, animations, and effects.

      • Benefit: Offers unparalleled creative flexibility, perfect for dynamic lighting displays and customized designs.

    • Advanced COB Technology:

      • Description: Uses Chip on Board (COB) technology, which ensures a high density of LEDs with a smooth, continuous line of light and no visible light spots.

      • Benefit: Provides superior light quality and uniformity compared to traditional LED strips.

    • Vibrant Color Output:

      • Description: Capable of producing a wide range of vibrant colors, including RGB and RGBW options, with precise color control for each individual LED segment.

      • Benefit: Creates stunning, colorful displays that can enhance any environment.

    • Dynamic Lighting Effects:

      • Description: Supports a variety of dynamic lighting effects such as chasing, running, fading, and more, thanks to the addressable nature of each LED segment.

      • Benefit: Adds a dynamic and interactive element to lighting installations, making them more engaging and visually appealing.

    • High Brightness and Efficiency:

      • Description: Delivers high lumen output with low power consumption, utilizing energy-efficient COB LEDs.

      • Benefit: Ensures bright illumination while minimizing energy costs, making it an eco-friendly lighting option.

    • Flexible and Durable Design:

      • Description: Constructed with a flexible PCB that can bend and adapt to various shapes and surfaces, along with durable materials for long-lasting performance.

      • Benefit: Easy to install in a variety of locations and withstands wear and tear for reliable use over time.

    • Easy Control and Integration:

      • Description: Compatible with various control systems, including remote controllers, mobile apps, and smart home integrations. Can also be programmed with custom lighting sequences.

      • Benefit: Offers convenient and versatile control options for a personalized lighting experience.


  • Home Lighting: Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, providing comfortable and soft lighting.

  • Commercial Lighting: Ideal for malls, exhibition halls, hotels, enhancing overall brightness and ambiance.

  • Decorative Lighting: Perfect for cabinets, bookshelves, accent walls, adding depth and aesthetic appeal to spaces.

  • Outdoor Lighting: Suitable for gardens, balconies, courtyards, with waterproof design ensuring stable performance.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the installation surface is clean, flat, and free of dust.

  2. Cutting the Strip: Cut the strip light to the desired length at marked intervals (every meter), and properly handle the connection terminals.

  3. Connecting the Power: Connect the strip light to the power adapter, ensuring the voltage matches.

  4. Securing the Strip: Peel off the adhesive backing and stick the strip light to the installation area, pressing gently to ensure it is firmly attached.

  5. Adjusting Color : Use the remote control or smart controller to adjust the color , setting the desired lighting effect.

Available Effects

SM16703 COB RGB digtal strip 630leds-2


SM16703 COB RGB digtal strip 630leds-6


SM16703 COB RGB digtal strip 630leds-3

Single Color

Optional IP Ratings

ip65 cob led strip

Heat Shrinkable Tube

ip66 cob led strip

Silicone Tube

ip68 cob led strip

Silicone Extrusion

Why Choose Ledodm's COB LED Strips?

  • High-Quality Light Source

    Our RGBWW COB LED strips use advanced Chip on Board (COB) technology to provide continuous and uniform light output without visible light spots. This technology enhances light quality, delivering higher brightness and better energy efficiency.

  • 2oz Flexible PCB

    As for cob led light strip, the main key is chip and pcb. 2oz pcb thickness is better than 1oz fleixble pcb, and it has good heat dissipation and long lifespan, that's why we can assure 3 years warranty for new product.

  • Great Flexibility

    LEDODM's COB strips are designed to be highly flexible, making them easy to bend and cut to fit various complex installation environments, such as curved surfaces and corners.

  • Durability and Longevity

    COB strips use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, providing better heat dissipation and extending the lifespan of the strips. They have a lower failure rate and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional LED strips.

  • Versatility

    Combining RGB color changing and dual white light (warm white and cool white) features, our RGBWW LED strips offer a wide range of color options and adjustable color temperatures. They are perfect for creating ambiance, decorative lighting, and functional lighting in various settings.

  • Excellent After-Sales Service

    We provide comprehensive after-sales support, offering technical consultations, installation guidance, and solutions to product issues. Our professional and responsive service ensures you have peace of mind when choosing our products.

    By choosing our RGBWW COB LED strips, you will enjoy high-quality lighting, convenient operation, and reliable service, making it a smart choice for your lighting needs.

Programmable Addressable 12V 24V RGB 630LEDs/m COB FOB WS2811 Pixel LED Digital Strip 

  • Completely smooth and even light spread

  • High density flexible cob fob led strip lights

  • Long lifespan, more than 50000hours

  • 2oz Flexible PCB, better heat dissipation

  • Widely used for indoor and outdoor lighting

  • Passed CE,ROHS,ETL,FCC certificates.

  • Enhance your lighting projects with the Addressable Digital COB LED Strip, designed for maximum flexibility, dynamic effects, and superior performance.

Model No. COB Chip Voltage Power PCB Width Color
SL-COB-480E4 480Chips/m 12V/24V 6W/m 4mm





SL-COB-480E5 480Chips/m 12V/24V 7W/m 5mm
SL-COB-480E8 480Chips/m 12V/24V 9W/m 8mm
SL-COB-480E10 480Chips/m 12V/24V 12W/m 10mm
SL-COB-512E8 512Chips/m
24V 10W/m 8mm
SL-COB-512E10 512Chips/m


14W/m 10mm
SL-COB-608CCT 608Chips/m 12V/24V 22W/m 10mm 2700-6500K
SL-COB-450RGB 450Chips/m 12V 15W/m 10mm RGB
SL-COB-480RGB 480Chips/m 24V 15W/m 10mm RGB
SL-COB-810RGB 810Chips/m 12V 15W/m 10mm RGB
SL-COB-840RGB 840Chips/m 24V 15W/m 10mm RGB
SL-COB-896RGBW 896Chips/m 24V 20W/m 12mm RGBW
SL-COB-840RGBWW 840Chips/m 24V 25W/m 12mm RGBCCT


630Chips/m 12V/24V 14W/m 12mm AddressableRGB

cob fob led strip

Programmable Addressable 12V 24V RGB 630LEDs/m COB FOB WS2811 Pixel LED Digital Strip 

End Wire for COB Digital LED Strip Light

digital COB strip IP20 wire

IP20 Wire

digital COB strip SM connector

SM Male Femal Connector 

digital COB strip waterproof connector

       Waterproof Male Femal Connector

Programmable Addressable 12V 24V RGB 630LEDs/m COB FOB WS2811 Pixel LED Digital Strip 

Digital COB LED Strip FAQ:

Q1: What is an addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A1: An addressable digital COB LED strip is a type of LED strip where each LED or group of LEDs can be individually controlled. This allows for dynamic lighting effects such as chasing, running, and color-changing patterns. The COB (Chip on Board) technology ensures a smooth and continuous line of light with no visible light spots.

Q2: What are the benefits of using an addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A2: The main benefits include:

    • Individually controllable LEDs: Allows for unique patterns and effects.

    • Smooth and uniform light output: Thanks to COB technology.

    • High brightness and energy efficiency: Bright illumination with low power consumption.

    • Flexible and durable design: Easy installation and long-lasting performance.

    • Versatile control options: Compatible with remote controllers, mobile apps, and smart home systems.

Q3: How do I control the addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A3: You can control the strip using various methods, including remote controllers, mobile apps, and smart home integrations. Additionally, you can program custom lighting sequences with compatible software or hardware controllers.

Q4: Can I cut the addressable digital COB LED strip to a specific length?

  • A4: Yes, the LED strip can be cut to fit specific project requirements. It usually has designated cutting points where you can safely cut the strip without damaging the remaining LEDs.

Q5: Is the addressable digital COB LED strip suitable for outdoor use?

  • A5: Yes, there are IP-rated waterproof variants available that are suitable for outdoor use. These strips are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Q6: What power supply do I need for the addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A6: The power supply requirements depend on the specific strip's input voltage and power consumption. Most addressable digital COB LED strips operate on 12V or 24V DC. Ensure that your power supply matches the strip’s voltage and can provide sufficient current for the entire length of the strip.

Q7: Can I create custom lighting effects with the addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A7: Yes, you can create custom lighting effects. The addressable nature of the strip allows you to program specific colors and animations for each LED segment. This can be done using compatible controllers and software.

Q8: How do I install the addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A8: Installation is straightforward:

    • Clean the mounting surface: Ensure it is dry and free of dust.

    • Peel off the adhesive backing: Attach the strip to the surface.

    • Connect to the controller and power supply: Ensure correct wiring and secure connections.

    • Program and test: Use your chosen control method to set up the desired lighting effects.

Q9: What applications are suitable for the addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A9: These strips are versatile and can be used in various applications, including:

    • Decorative lighting: For homes, events, and parties.

    • Architectural highlights: To accentuate building features.

    • Commercial displays: In shops, restaurants, and signage.

    • Outdoor lighting: For gardens, pathways, and outdoor events.

Q10: What is the lifespan of the addressable digital COB LED strip?

  • A10: The lifespan of these LED strips typically ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours, depending on usage and environmental conditions. Proper installation and adequate cooling can help maximize the lifespan.

For further inquiries or specific technical support, please contact our customer service team.

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