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  • Addressable LED Strip: The Ultimate Guide for 2024
    What Is An Addressable LED Strip LightAn addressable LED strip light, also known as a programmable or digital LED strip light, is a type of lighting fixture that consists of multiple individually controllable LED diodes mounted on a flexible strip. Unlike traditional LED strips, where all LEDs light
  • What is COB led strip light?
    A COB LED strip light refers to a type of LED strip that uses chips based on COB (Chip on Board) technology. COB technology involves directly mounting multiple LED chips onto a single substrate to create a high-density LED array. These chips are smaller and more closely packed compared to traditiona
  • Choosing the Best Addressable LED Strip Types: Ultimate Guide
    There are two main types of addressable LEDs: those with 3-pin connectors and those with 4-pin connectors. The 3-pin strips use a common anode design, while the 4-pin strips use a common cathode design. Addressable LED strips typically use one of two control protocols: WS2811/WS2812
  • What is WS2811 LED Strip?
    What is WS2811 LED Strip? The WS2811 LED strip is a popular type of addressable RGB LED strip that provides a versatile and dynamic lighting solution for a wide range of applications. In this detailed explanation, I'll delve into the technical aspects, features, applications
  • High Voltage VS Low Voltage – How To Choose The Right LED Strip Light?
    While searching for an LED strip light, you may repeatedly come across a voltage rating. But are you unsure what exactly it means? Do you know whether you should choose 12V or 24V? Read on to find out!Which is better - 12V or 24V?What Is a High-voltage LED Strip Lights?High-voltage LED strip lights
  • What is WS2815 LED Strip?
    The WS2815B LED strip light is a type of individually addressable LED strip that uses the WS2815B chip to control each individual LED. Each LED on the strip can be individually controlled and programmed, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects and patterns. The WS2815B chip
  • A Guide to LED Strip Voltage Options
    LED strip lights are a popular lighting option for both residential and commercial applications. They offer flexibility, energy efficiency, and a wide range of colors and effects. One important consideration when choosing LED strip lights is the voltage option. In this guide,
  • June - Very Fulfilling Month
    June was a remarkably productive month for us at Ledodm Lighting Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen. We successfully completed two undertakings. 1. The 28th GILEFirstly, we have successfully concluded our participation in the 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE). The event was a grand success,
  • 12V vs. 24V Addressable LED strip lights - what is the difference?
    Without further delay, let’s get into 12V Addressable LED Strip Light in depth to learn what they are, their application, and how they work. I have also added a guideline for purchasing a suitable 12V Addressable LED Strip Light for your convenience. Here you goWhat is 12V Addressable LED Strip
  • COB vs SMD LED Strip Lights Explained
    The difference between COB led strips and SMD led strips1.First of all, the difference in their manufacturing process can also be seen from the difference in the name. COB :Chip on board, which means that the chip is directly packaged on the PCB board, and the light-emitting surface is a linear
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