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  • How to distinguish to the quality of the neon light & led strip?

    How to distinguish the quality of the neon light & led strip?

  • What is the led strip addressable/digital led strip?

    Led strip addressable also named digital led strip, colorful led strip, dream color led strip etc, which adopt constant current IC control to control the LED on the FPCB, can meet chase, water flow, dynamic & static picture display etc. And the waterproof grade can reach out IP68. Good for any envi

  • 360 Degree LED Neon Flex / 360 Neon Flex

    Neon lights are the best product to decorate the interior space. Mainly series are top view, side view, mini view and round neon flex series. It is very suitable for use in various places or into various shapes you want. Such as curved window contours, ceiling shapes, wall art decoration etc. This

  • 2110 LED Strip

    Probably 2110 led strip is best popular in high density led strips series. Its famous for its small appearance ( led size: L2.1*W1.0*H1.1mm), which can meet high density requirements. The quantity of led from 60leds to 700leds pe

  • Neon Light Walls

    Neon lights are hot this year. it’s famous for it’s flexibility and practicality. You can create any shapes that you want. It’s also good for suspending and install into the wall design.This time, we would like to share some amazing designs of this item for your reference.

  • IP68 Silicone Extrusion RGB LED Strip Light Waterproof for Swimming Pool

    Today, i would like to share a swimming pool lighting project from one of my customers.

  • Neon Light Create Different Styles

    Nowadays, the combination of neon lights and art is getting closer. It is round our life and you can see it at everywhere. Such as, the street, restaurant, hotel, super market, sign etc. In the construction industry, neon strip make the building colorful and magical. People’s attention has

  • Flexible LED Strip Lights

    Led light bar also named led strip light, which is a lighting products of the LED series. Now its widely used in furniture, car, advertising, boat, construction field etc.LED Type Optional: SMD5050, SMD3528, SMD2835, SMD5630, SMD5730, SMD 2110, SMD 3014, SMD 3838 etc.Voltage Optional: DC5V, 12V, 24V

  • LED Flexible Neon Light Comparison

    he history of neon lightNeon lights born in 1989 years, mainly inject a rare gas (neon) into vacuum glass tube. Then the metal electrodes enclosed in both ends of the glass tube are connected to a high-voltage power supply, which will fire up the neon in the tube to make the luminous effect. So, it

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