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Meanwell LRS Series Switching Power Supply for LED Strip Lights

  • LRS Series

Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:

Meanwell LRS Series Switching Power Supply for LED Strip Lights



Power supply is an important accesorry for led strip lights. LRS series is signal-output enclosed type power supply with 30mm of low profile design. Adopting the input of full range, the entire series provides an output voltage line of 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V and 48V. In addition to the high efficiency up to 90%, the design of metallic mesh enhances the heat dissipation of that whole series operates from -30℃ through 70℃ under air converction without a fan. Delivering an extremely low no load power consumption, it allows the end system to easily meet the worldwide energy requirement. LRS has the complete protection functions and 5G anti-vibration capability. It's complied with the international safety regulations sunch as TUV EN60950-1, EN60335-1, EN61558-1/-2-16, UL60950-1 and GB4943. LRS serves as a good performance power supply solution for flexible led strip lights.

Product Features

  • Universal AC input / Full range

  • Withstand 300VAC surge input for 5 second

  • No load power consumption <0.2W

  • Non-PFC, most economical models

  • Ultra compact and 1U low profile

  • No load power consumption: 0.2W~0.75W

  • 5G vibration, 70℃ operation

  • Operating altitude up to 5000 meters

  • Complete safety certificates: IEC/EN60335-1(PD3), IEC/EN61558-1, -2-16; IEC/EN/UL60950-1 and GB4943

  • 3 Years Warranty


Model Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Rated Power Dimension
LRS-50-5 85 ~ 264V 5V 50W 99*82*30mm
LRS-50-12 85 ~ 264V 12V 50.4W 99*82*30mm
LRS-50-24 85 ~ 264V 24V 52.8W 99*82*30mm
LRS-50-36 85 ~ 264V 36V 52.2W 99*82*30mm
LRS-75-5 85 ~ 264V 5V 70W 99*97*30mm
LRS-75-12 85 ~ 264V 12V 72W 99*97*30mm
LRS-75-24 85 ~ 264V 24V 76.8W 99*97*30mm
LRS-75-36 85 ~ 264V 36V 75.6W 99*97*30mm
LRS-100-5 85 ~ 264V 5V 90W 129*97*30mm
LRS-100-12 85 ~ 264V 12V 102W 129*97*30mm
LRS-100-24 85 ~ 264V 24V 108W 129*97*30mm
LRS-100-36 85 ~ 264V 36V 100.8W 129*97*30mm

85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch

12V 150W 159*97*30mm
LRS-150-24 85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch 24V 156W 159*97*30mm
LRS-150-36 85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch 36V 154.8W 159*97*30mm
LRS-200-5 85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch 5V 200W 215*115*30mm
LRS-200-12 85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch 12V 204W 215*115*30mm
LRS-200-24 85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch 24V 211.2W 215*115*30mm
LRS-200-36 85 ~ 132V / 170 ~ 264V by Switch 36V 212.4W 215*115*30mm
LRS-350-5 90 ~ 132V / 180 ~ 264V by Switch 5V 300W 215*115*30mm
LRS-350-12 90 ~ 132V / 180 ~ 264V by Switch 12V 348W 215*115*30mm
LRS-350-24 90 ~ 132V / 180 ~ 264V by Switch 24V 350.4W 215*115*30mm
LRS-350-36 90 ~ 132V / 180 ~ 264V by Switch 36V 349.2W 215*115*30mm

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As we know, MEAN WELL is one leading manufacturer which dedicated to standard power supply products. It is ranked the 5th in global power supply (DC output) makers according to a report by Micro Technology released in March, 2019. MEAN WELL has been working as a "reliable partner" with customers, suppliers and contractors to build long lasting mutual trust relationships based on the spirit of "good intentions." As Meanwell's guangdong agent in China, Ledodm Lighting can provide original Meanwell switching power supply with the competitive offer and responsible service.

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