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1616 Corner Angular LED Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights

  • 1616

Aluminum Color:
Cover Type:

1616 Corner Angular LED Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights

led strip profile


As an important part of led linear illumination, the aluminum profile has good decorative properties and the surface is finely oxidized. It can also be drawn in the different colors. The thermel performance can extend the lifespan of the led strip lights. Each of our led aluminum profile is professionally designed to fit all kinds of flexible led tape lights. Angular aluminum profile is the ideal choice for the corner lighting application.

Product Features

  • Material: AL6063-T5

  • Aluminum Color: Sliver Black White

  • PC Cover: Diffuser Clear Opal

  • Led Strip Width: Max 11mm

  • Available Length: 0.5-3.0meters

Aluminium Profile

sliver aluminum profile black aluminum profile white profile
Sliver Black White

PC Cover

1616 Push in

aluminum profile pc cover

Aluminum Profile Accessories

aluminum profile accesorries


  • Commercial Lighting

  • LED Linear Lighting

  • Office & Home Lighting

  • Cabinet Display Lighting

  • Artistic Design Lighting

  • Creative Design Lighting

Ask for Aluminum Profile Sample Box

led profile sample box

1616 Corner Angular LED Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights

Hot Sale LED Aluminum Profile

hot sale led aluminum profile

Mini Size LED Aluminum Profile

mini size led aluminum profile

Angular LED Aluminum Profile

L aluminim profile

Surface Mounted LED Aluminum Profile

surface mounted aluminum profile

Lens Beam Angle LED Aluminum Profile

lens led aluminum profile

Wall Mounted LED Aluminum Profile

wall led aluminum profile

Recessed Mounted LED Aluminum Profile

recessed led aluminum profile

Suspending and Surface LED Aluminum Profile

suspending led aluminum profile

Floor LED Aluminum Profile

floor led aluminum profile

1616 Corner Angular LED Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights

LED Aluminum Profile FAQ:

  • Q: What does aluminum profile include?

    It includes profile, pc cover, end caps, clips and other mounting accessories.

  • Q: What color is aluminum profile?

    Sliver, white and black. Other color can be customized per request. 

  • Q: What color is pc/pmma cover?

    Diffuser, clear, opal are all available. Other color or material can be customized.

  • Q: What is aluminum profile length?

    In general, 1m, 2m and 3m can be offered.

  • Q: What type aluminum profile do you have?

    Surface mounted, recessed mounted, wall mounted, suspending mounted, etc.

  • Q: What is mini aluminum profile series?

    The aluminum profile width is less than 15mm.

  • Q: What is difference if using different pc cover?

    Clear cover can transmit 85-95% light; Diffuser cover can transmit 70-80% light; Opal cover can transmit 30-40% light.

  • Q: How to choose aluminum profile for led strip lights?

    First of all, choose the correct mounting aluminum profile according to application; Secondly, choose the correct aluminum profile according to led strip fpc width; Thirdly, choose the cover according to brightness you need; Diffuser cover is the most popular one.

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

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