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Led strip aluminum profile

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Aluminum profile is a good partner with flexible led strip lights, and it's used for linear lighting, cabinet display lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting and home decorative lighting. It includes aluminum housing, pc cover, end cap, clip and other accessories.

aluminum profiles

Aluminum Profile

As an important part of led linear light, the aluminum profile has good decorative function. The good performance can help led strip lights to heat dissipation. It can also be drawn in different colors. The thermal performance of the thermal fan can extend the life of the LED strip. Each of our products is professionally designed to increase its fan area as well as ventilation and heat transfer structures. Aluminum has good rigidity, which is convenient for LED lamp to be fixed in a straight line. In order to match various usage scenarios and matching power, we can choose different structural thicknesses. The thick aluminum groove can be used on the ground to prevent deformation. Special structural design, we can make it have a certain flexibility, you can bend the different shapes at will. All our alumnium profile is 6063-T5, and thickness is 10um. Available color is sliver, black, white, rose gold, bright sliver and black.

aluminum profile

PC Cover

PC cover takes the function of improving the light-emit-ting effect of the led strip light. We routinely offer PC covers in 3 colors, each of them has a different light-emitting effect, allowing the LED lights to illuminate more uniformer to achieve better lighting effects. In addition, it protects the led light strip to prevent dust, which ensure the brightness and quality of the led strip lights. At the same time, our pc cover has different special structures, for example a full plastic tubular sealing structure, which can be IP65 waterproof after being glued with a silicone plug. The thickened structure can actually be Adapt to the high strength and pressure on the ground. The lens series masks focus light to improve luminous efficiency. 

pc cover

Relationship Between LED Strip and Aluminum Profile

We need to considerate the following three points to confirm there's light spot or not.

  1. PC cover transmittance for led strip light (Clear 85%, Diffuser 70%, Opal 30%)

  2. Distance between led strip and PC cover (Light is more uniform if higher distance)

  3. Distance between each led on strip fpc (Light is more unifor if more led quantity)

led strip aluminum profile

Different Series Aluminum Profile

  1. Mini Series

  2. Cabinet Series

  3. Floor Series

  4. Circle and Square Series

  5. Pre-buried Embeded Series

  6. Lens Beam Angle Series

  7. 2018 New Series

  8. 2019 New Series

  9. Wall Series

  10. Splicable Series

  11. Linear Light Series

  12. Liear Light Series

Welcome to download aluminum profile catalog and ask for aluminum profiles sample box.

aluminum profile series

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