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12V 24V 240LEDs/m SMD2110 Flexible 3mm 8mm Width LED Light Strip with CRI 90

  • SL-2110-240D

  • SMD2110

  • 240LEDs/m

  • 14.4W/m

PCB Width:
IP Rating:

12V 24V 240LEDs/m SMD2110 Flexible 3mm 8mm Width LED Light Strip with CRI 90

smd2110 led light strip


Newest LED SMD2110 with compact size 2.1*1.0mm, is produced with epistar chip and copper high bracket. Different modes of SMD2110 led strips for options, 60LEDs/M, 120LEDs/M, 180LEDs/M, 240LEDs/M, 280LEDs/M, 300LEDs/M, 360LEDs/M and 700LEDs/m. 700LEDs/m is the high density led strip with high brightness and uniform light, which is ideal light for linear lighting.

Product Features

  • Single Bin

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • 90+ High CRI

  • Dimmable Brightness

  • 120° Beam Angle

  • 2oz Flexible PCB

  • 3 MacAdam Available

  • 3M Adhesive Tape

  • Cuttable and Flexible

Available Colors

led strip color temperature


  • Home Atmosphere Lighting

  • Cabinets and Shelving

  • Accent Lighting

  • Shop Display Lighting

  • Patio and Garden Lighting

  • Architectural Buidling Lighting

  • Linear Lighting

  • Aluminum Lighting

  • TV Backlighting

  • Edge Lighting

  • Resturant Lighting

Why Choose Ledodm's led strips?

  • High Brightness

    High lumen Chip in LED, epsitar and sanan chip are both available, which can make led strip stable to use.

  • Quality Assurance

    QC team is an important part during production, there's 4 times where QC team tested the led strip to ensure the quality.

  • 3~5 Years Warranty

    Led strip ranges from 2~5 years warranty for different market, many options for choice, from high-end market to middle-end market.

12V 24V 240LEDs/m SMD2110 Flexible 3mm 8mm Width LED Light Strip with CRI 90

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Epistar Chip & Hongli LED

  • Golden Wire & Copper Bracket

  • 2oz Flexible Double-lay PCB

  • 6LEDs Cuttable for DIY Design

Model No. LED Type QTY/M Voltage PCB Width Color Temp IP Rating Power/M CRI
SL-2110-700D SMD2110 700LEDs 24V 8mm 6000-6500K
IP20 18W 90
SL-2110-360D SMD2110 360LEDs 8mm 18W 90
SL-2110-300D SMD2110 300LEDs 8mm 16W 90
SL-2110-280P4 SMD2110 280LEDs 4mm 12W 90
SL-2110-240P3 SMD2110 240LEDs 3mm 12W 90
SL-2110-240D SMD2110 240LEDs 24V/12V 8mm



14.4W 90
SL-2110-180D SMD2110 180LEDs 8mm 12W 90
SL-2110-120D SMD2110 120LEDs 8mm 9.6W 90
SL-2110-60D SMD2110 60LEDs 8mm 4.8W 90

12V 24V 240LEDs/m SMD2110 Flexible 3mm 8mm Width LED Light Strip with CRI 90

End Wire for LED Strip Light

red and black wire for led strip

Black and Red Wire

sm male female connector for led strip

SM Male Femal Connector

dc connector for led strip light

DC Male Femal Connector

Connector for LED Strip Light

connector for ip20 led strip

2Pin Connector

wire connector for led strip

2Pin Connector with 150mm Wire

dual connector for led strip light

2Pin Double Head Connector (150mm)

L Connector for led strip light

L Connector

T Connector for led strip light

T Connector

x connector for led strip light

X Connector

12V 24V 240LEDs/m SMD2110 Flexible 3mm 8mm Width LED Light Strip with CRI 90

High Density SMD2110 LED Light Strip FAQ:

  • Q: Why choose smd 2110 led?

    2110 has small size and strong bracket, which emitting uniform light, see more.

  • Q: What is the led strip lifespan?

    Ledodm's led strip wanrranty is 3years, which can be used more than 5 years.

  • Q: What does 2700-3200K mean?

    2700-3200K means warm white led strip lights, it's the color temperature range.

  • Q: What is 2110 led strip brightness?

    Lumen is the unit of the brightness, the lumen is higher, the more brightness.

  • Q: What does IP68 mean?

    IP68 can be used for outdoor lighting, which can be put into the water.

  • Q: What does CRI>90 mean?

    Color Rendering Index is the refection of the light, CRI 90 is better than CRI80 led strips.

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

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