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Newsletter: SMD 2110 LED Strip Light

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2110 led strip

The Smallest LED

Compared with now available led, SMD2110 is the smalledst led for led strip light, which size is 2.1*1.0mm.

2110 led

Enhanced LED Bracket

Only if led bracket can support more than 1000gf, it can be used for flexible led strip light. After testing, 2110 led bracket is almost the same as 2835E and 3014E, (N means normal, E means enhance), very suitable for bending led strip lights.

flexible 2110 led strip light

High Density LED Strip    See More

Max 700leds per meter can be on one row fpc, strong led frame and 3oz fpc ensure its quality. Uniform and soft color makes 2110 popular than smd 2216 led light strips.

2110 led strip

Model Number DC24V CRI>90 LED Strip Light (3oz PCB)    (One Bin Only)
SL-2110-60D 60LEDs/m 8mm FPC 4.8W/m
SL-2110-120D 120LEDs/m 8mm FPC 9.6W/m
SL-2110-180D 180LEDs/m 8mm FPC 12W/m
SL-2110-180D4 180LEDs/m 4mm FPC 12W/m
SL-2110-240D 240LEDs/m 8mm FPC 14.4W/m
SL-2110-300D 300LEDs/m 8mm FPC 16W/m
SL-2110-360D 360LEDs/m 8mm FPC 18W/m
SL-2110-700D 700LEDs/m 8mm FPC 18W/m

Ledodm lighting has been always being the pioneer manufacturer who developed new led strip light at the first time. Our R&D team has been working in led industry more than 10 years, we can do any led strip you want, customization is our main advantage.

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