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Flexible LED Light Sheet Backlight
Ledodm lighting's flexible led lights sheet backlight are extremely popular in many different lighting project design thanks to led diy connection, one led cuttable and low power consumption. Flexible LED light sheets are an innovative lighting solution that offer several advantages over traditional backlighting. These sheets consist of LEDs embedded into a thin, flexible substrate, allowing them to conform to various shapes and surfaces. Accessorries offered for easy connection, 105LEDs/pcs, 210LEDs/pcs, 420LEDs/pcs.
Color available for flexible led sheet lights
2700K 3000K 4000K 6500K 2700-6500K RGB RGBW

Single Color LED Strip Light
Ledodm lighting's strip lights are extremely popular in many different lighting project design thanks to led compact size, high brightness and low power consumption. They are also extremely versatile, as shown by architects, residental, homeowners, bars, restaurants, and countless others led lighting applications. 
LED type available for flexible led strip lights
SMD5050 SMD2835 SMD3528 SMD5630 SMD3014 SMD2216 SMD2110

Color Changing LED Strip Light
Ledodm lighting's coloful strip lights, sometimes referred as "color changing led tape lights", is widely used in many indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Thanks to led changeable color and low power consumption, with combination of red, green and blue, it can be a wide range of reative color options. 
LED type available for rgb led strip lights
SMD5050 SMD3535 SMD4040 SMD335 SMD020

Addressable LED Strip Light
Ledodm lighting's addressable strip lights, sometimes referred as "digital led tape lights", is much more popular than normal rgb led strips. With addressable IC, it can be lighting as you want , usually used for night club bar and buiding lighting project. Changeable color and customized modes are all available.
IC type available for magic led strip lights WS2811 WS2812B WS2813 WS2815 WS2818 UCS1903 SK6812 CS2803 CS8812 P943 DMX512 SM19703 TM1914

Flexible LED Neon Light
Ledodm lighting's led neon strip lights, sometimes referred as "led neon flex", is distinguished by soft light which is flexible and easy for installation. Made of solicone material, which will not become yellow as pvc material. Twice extrucsion techonology to protesct led strip inside, make sure that led neon light will not be damaged when rolled. Side-view and Top-view are both available. Popurlar size as below.
Top-view  14*12mm 16.8*14.5mm   Side-view 9.5*22mm 6*12mm 

High CRI LED Strip Light
Ledodm lighting's high cri led strip light, which can reflect things color as real as possible, has important applications especially for photography, retail display and grocery lighting, where accurate color presentation is the key point. High CRI lighting is equally valueable in home use, as it can transform a room by highlighting design and creating a comfortable and natural overall feel.

Popular high cri led strip lights SMD2210 SMD2216 SMD5050

High Efficiency LED Strip Light
Ledodm lighting's high efficiency led strip light,
sometimes referred as "high efficiency led tape lights", can reach 160LM/W with high lumen and low consumption. With the highest grade compenents and led chips, it can be used for task lighting, backlighting, desk lighting, garage lighting, and also good for accent lighting, under canbinet lighting, bar lighting and more. 
SMD2835 high lumen led strips 64LEDs/m 128LEDs/m

CCT Adjustable LED Strip Light
Ledodm lighting's cct tunable led strip light,
sometimes referred as "color temperature tunnable led tape lights", can be adjusted to produce very specific white shades. It's produced with leds of alternating color on the circuit board so that half led is low temperature and half is high temperature. Now you can set led strip light from warm white 2700K to cool white 6500K, a wide range of color temperature.
Available LED SMD5050 SMD2835 SMD3528 SMD3014

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