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Newsletter: 3838 LED Strip Lights

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3838 led strip light

3838 led is new led type in 2019, and its size is 3.8*3.8mm, much more smaller than 5050 led, but it has the same brightness as 5050 led. Produced with Sanan chip by TCWIN, and it can be widely used for flexible led strip light which 5050 cannot be. For example, we need 15mm width pcb if 5050 120leds/m, but 3838 can be 8mm width pcb, which can be applied for many thin application place. We have 3838 rgb led strip light and 3838 cct led strip light for choice.


3838 LED height is 1.1mm, is thinner than 5050 LED 1.6mm. Adopting 3838 LEDs makes led strip smaller, thinner and feature high density. 

3838 small led


  • smaller and thinner

  • denser and brighter                             

  • high density super bright

  • without dot or shadow

  • 2100-3000MCD for each 3838 RGB

  • homogeneous lighting without light dot


Model No. LED QTY Voltage PCB Width Power Warranty
SL-3838-120RGB 120Leds/m RGB 12V/24V 8mm 14W/m 3 Years
SL-3838-240RGB 240Leds/m RGB 12mm 16W/m
SL-3838-120CCT 120Leds/m CCT 10mm 14W/m
SL-3838-240CCT 240Leds/m CCT 10mm 16W/m


  • Led Neon Flex

  • Alumium Profile

  • Linear Light

  • Cove lighting

  • Architectural Lights

  • Backlight Lighting

  • Edge Lighting

  • Decorative Lights

rgb led strip

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