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Let's Beat COVID-19 Together!

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This is an unprecedented global war, and mankind is facing the same enemy, the coronavirus. COVID-19 started in February and virus is rapidly spread in China, especially in Huben province. With the efforts of medical staff, now the increase data is slower and slower, and we believe that there's no one in few days in China. The problem we concern is the oversea virus, which confirmed patience rate is higher and higher. There're some tips as below.

a. do not go to crownded space

b. wear face mask if you go outside

c. wash your hands when back to home

d. clean your room with disinfection water

e. open your window to let air circulation

This pandemic is a common challenge faced by mankind in the age of globalization. Nowadays face mask is on shortage everywhere, and Ledodm Lighting has made the sourcings and worked with a professonal medical mask factory. Till now we have arrange production of 10,000,000pcs masks and 250,000pcs protective clothings for Iran and Korea goverment.  In order to support our customers, we have prepared 200,000pcs disposable medical masks and 20,000pcs disposable protective clothings in Stock, which can be shipped immediately after order confirmed. Let's beat virus together, contact us if you need any help!

3-Ply Blue Medical Face Mask


Material: 20g/mPolypropylene  + 20g/mMeltblown (BFE>95% ) + 20g/mPolypropylene

Earloop(+10mm) : Length 170mm x Width 2.5mm

Nose Bar: Length 110mm(+5mm) x Width 3mm(+1mm)

Manufacturing way : Ultrasonic,non edge-covered

Size (±5mm): 175 mmx 95mm


Inner packaging 

Quantity : 50 pieces/box

Box Size: 185x100x80mm 

Outer packaging

Quantity : 2,000 pieces (40 boxes per 50)

Carton Size: 520 x 390 x 340mm

disposable medical mask

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