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How to install led strips?

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Installing led strip lights is very simple and you can follow below steps to finish the installation. Here's a example for led strip installation.

prepare insatllation for led strip

Prepare Items

Double check the lights before installation, including led strip, connector, controller(optional), power supply, scissors and ruler. 

cuttable led strip light

Cut Led Strip

Take measurements where the led strips are to be installed and cut into the length along the cuttable mark on the led strip light.

led strip connector


Use connector for led strip if needed, we have many different connectors, L shape, T shape, X shape and other led strip connectors.

led strip with controller

Connect Power Supply

Connect led strip with contoller (optional) and power supply. In the photo, it's wifi controller works with amazon controller.

led strip lighting

Test before Installation

Plug power supply into socket and check the led strip light can work well. In the photo, it's black pcb rgb color changing led strips.

peel the tape of led strip

Peel and Stick

Wipe the surface where the led strip light to be installed and peel the 3M tape, stick the backing on and turn on the light.

led strip tv backlight

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