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Flexible Bendable Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light

  • LDM-1806/1145Y
Aluminum Color:
Cover Type:

Flexible Bendable Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light

flexible aluminum profile


Bendable aluminum profile is specially designed for flexible led strip light, and it brings the new technoligy for led lighting, aluminum profile will not be only straight any more.

Product Features

  • Material: AL6063-T5

  • Aluminum Color: Sliver Black White

  • PC Cover: Diffuser Transparent Opal

  • Led Strip Width: 7mm 13mm

  • Available Length: 0.5-3.0meters

Product Accessories

aluminum profile pc cover

PC Cover

aluminum profile end cap

End Cap

aluminum profile clip



aluminum profile installation


  • Commercial Lighting

  • Indoor Lighting

  • Artistic Design Lighting

  • Creative Design Lighting

bendable aluminum profile application

aluminum profile size

aluminum profile for led strip

aluminum profile for rigid led strip

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